You’ve Been Jabbed by Vineet

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Vineet - Jab the world

On the eve of India’s 2nd phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive, Vineet had announced the release of his new single titled Jab The World (out on March 16th, 2021).

The track can be called a thoughtful yet fun take on the world getting ready to get vaccinated; however it’s not just about the covid-19 vaccine, instead Jab The World hopes for an anti-hate vaccine that eradicates the growing disaffection worldwide… a shot in the arm that cures the humanity from feelings of discrimination, biases, climate apathy & racism among other pressing concerns.

This audio single will be followed by a video release on March 19th, 2021. So, tap the link conveniently placed here and listen to what Vineet expresses more than pens can draft. Or swipe to your nearest streaming platform and let the mass consumption begin.

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