He dreamt all day, all night – All Day I Dream!

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Lee Burridge is an English born Dj, producer and record label owner. An industry veteran, you may call, Lee performs around the world, lives life off a suitcase and still curates events with amplified energy. In search of deeper sounds of house and techno, Lee pushed the melodic and melancholic boundaries to create “All Day I Dream”. All Day I Dream is Lee’s record label that saw inception back in 2011, it was more of Lee pushing his boundaries and exploring the melodies. All Day I Dream was launched with an objective of producing and releasing music that suited for sunset or sunrise hours. While he was in New York around 2012, All Day I Dream parties were hosted from 3 p.m till a little after sunset. Today All Day I Dream is an event sensation that is recognized and followed worldwide, such that All Day I Dream themed events are organised with partnering artists from around the world.


The first stone of Lee’s glittering career was unturned at a local bar in his hometown, owned by his parents. Call it, if you may, blessings from parents but this led to Lee’s popularity as a musician, as a Dj. He began touring nearby villages and town and grabbed every opportunity by the neck. Whether playing a local pubs, birthday parties or even funerals, lee was there, prepared and equipped. But the Lee who played at birthday parties and local bars had to suddenly embark on a trajectory orbiting Hong Kong that would eventually shape his career and bring forth the brand and identity, ravers from around the globe die for.


Lee was hired to play at a club in Hong Kong, thousands of flying miles away from his English home. In 1991 Lee started his Hong Kong leg of career at Joe Bananas, aged 22. While in Hong Kong Lee earned laurels of creating and helping thrive two club residences, The Big Apple and Neptune. Thailand however was a discovery made on a Christmas leisure trip, an island called Haad Rin. Lee’s engagement with Haad Rin grew from that of a tourist to a Dj who would stay over for three months and play at full moon parties. While back in Hong Kong, Lee started inviting visiting artists to play at either The Big Apple or Neptune, and thus was convened a friendship between Lee, Sasha and Craig Richards (UK Djs).


In 1998 friendship that was welded in Hong Kong, strengthened in the UK, bore fruit known as Tyrant Sound System. Tyrant was the brainchild of Sasha, Craig and Lee, a trio performing in clubs of London. This propelled Lee’s career in the UK which was, hitherto, parked and unknown because of Far East adventures and successes. Lee was seen performing regularly at clubs across the UK. This further boosted Lee’s UK career and he was now performing at top UK clubs like Cream and Ministry of Sounds. Lee’s popularity grew exponentially around 2003. In 2005 Lee started a residency project wherein he would move to a city for a month or two and play at clubs there. Beginning in New York, Lee spent the next two years taking the 365 concept to Ibiza, Florence, Buenos Aires, Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Denver and Hong Kong. In 2006, Lee visited an annual arts and music festival in Black Rock City Nevada.


The project that was started by Lee, with a motive of investigating new spectrum of house and techno had now grown to a label. This All Day I Dream label now empanels artists from around the world releasing their productions here. Artists such as Gorje Hewek and Izhevski, Powell, Oona Dahl, Lost Desert are few of the top reining artists of All Day I Dream record label. This label followed an almost similar trajectory of growth, much like Lee himself. The ADID brand grew by leaps and bounds. At major festivals around the world, there would be exclusive ADID stages. In New York, summer parties of ADID would last four long month. Over the years Lee continued to pump out tracks on All Day I Dream with collaborations from Matthew Dekay, longtime friend since 2009. Not only did they release music on All Day I Dream, but on labels like Innervisions and get weird too, amongst many others. Lee had been mixing, compiling music since as early as 1998 and been producing 2001.

Do visit https://www.alldayidream.com/ for more information on Lee Burridge, keep track of his new releases, tour dates and other All Day I Dream artists.


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