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Asymetrik just released on Bandcamp it’s fourth installation, a VA, Asymetrik 004, showcasing the results of Arjun vagale’s personal sonic explorations. “For this VA, I wanted to explore the darker, more dystopian electronic sound“. The collection of tracks are from artists around the world – but also, three of them are Indian.


The birth of this compilation began with Arjun extending invitation to each artist, as opposed to receiving and choosing demos. Each of the artists on the compilation are doing great things in their own space – XeL from Goa is a live modular synth performer, and this is his first release ever. Benki from Israel is a fellow Modular synth nerd, and he’s been making some incredible music, more 4/4 Techno – but this track was just a broken beat jam that he recorded for fun. Sawhorse is Aditya who runs Animal Factory Amplification – possibly the only Eurorack synth manufacturer in India, and a good friend. We both adore distortion, so I invited him to make a track for me, and this was the result, which I really love.

KMYLE & SLV are both super established names in Techno, releasing on some of the best labels in the world. Both of them also do stunning experimental music and that’s what I wanted from them, as their contribution to the release perfectly compliment the 6 track compilation. And of’course, there is a track by me under my Asymetrik alias too.

Asymetrik VA released on 22nd February on Bandcamp, and 1st March is when the VA will be released on all platforms. Get your copy on Bandcamp. and let the mass consumption begin.

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