Archit and Smit ft. Nikhil D’Souza

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Pal is a smooth flowing lyrical journey on emotions and memories that make hearts beat.

Pal is the song which expresses a lesson learnt over the last few years, some of which would be that life is all about the moments you have lived, the memories you have made and the people you have loved. The song celebrates those moments, which have all ecstatic memories, encapsulated within hearts, forever!

Since the inception of the idea of this song we (Archit and Smit) had just one voice on our minds which sounds refreshing every time you hear it, Nikhil D’Souza. When you hear him sing, be it Shaam or his previous EP “Waqt”, the feel in his singing, teleports you into a magical realm of freshness and we feel extremely grateful to have his voice working the same magic on this track!

The Video for ‘Pal’ narrates the story of a man who rekindles his most cherished memories and re-lives his happy moments through pictures that he had been capturing over the years of his travel.! The highlights for us while making this video were the travel montage shots!  We asked our friends to share their personal favourite travel experiences and incorporated their scenes along with the footage we shot, so every scene you see on the screen, is a personal journey and a story in itself..! We hope that when you hear our song, you as a listener would feel the same joy as we did while making every part of this song..!

The track released on 22nd January and is available on YouTube and all other streaming platforms.

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