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Russian and now Berlin based artist Eleonora (Eleonora Zaripova) started releasing music from 2017 touching genres like drone, trip hop, downtempo, cold wave, dark pop. Combining it all in one and underlining it with her smoky voice.  She also collaborated with artists such as Miyagi, Moonwalk, Nicolas Rada, Erly Tepshi, D-Formation, Underher, Kiko, Rafael Cerato, Morttagua


When did you realise you wanted to be a singer?

To be honest, I never wanted to be a singer. First, I wanted to be a doctor and then a Hollywood superstar. However, the fact that I wanted to be on stage, I understood that part very early, like at the age of 6 I think. I always sang and played guitar and piano, but it was like just there for fun. No goal. Speaking of singing, I actually don’t know how to sing (professionally speaking), I got no real education about vocal techniques etc. Therefore cannot call myself a singer. But I got music education, therefore can write & compose & produce songs. I feel music very much and try to put all my heart in the whole composition. Long story short: never wanted to be a singer, but wanted to do music at some point more and more, and wanted to be a performer. Love the stage.

Was it a natural course of action that you became a Singer/Vocalist? Or was there formal education?

I surely gotta do a professional course at some point. I know my limitation and want to get over it to feel free and sing that famous Nirvana song with that voice! I am very insecure person therefore want to have a full control of my actions on stage 🙂

Who or what inspires the music that you play/sing?

I guess more or less everything. People, weather, events. Also a lot of inspiration comes from existing music, of course. Now just enjoying the new album of Trentemøller and Run The Jewels - so much stuff to pick up there! Film music is also something that gives me a lot of ideas. And also, if I am really sad or angry - I can write a lot 🙂

When did your singing career begin?

I would rather say music career. And also it didn't begin yet, as for me. The point when it will begin is when I will be quitting my job and have no fear to be homeless doing just music. But I can say, that I entered music industry in 2017 releasing my first EP with Stem Records. They gave me a nice start. Helped a lot to be seen and recognized in the beginning.

Eleonora and Voices of Valley

You have been lending your voice to numerous artists, talk us through your experience in collaborations?

The whole collaboration story somehow happened automatically. I remember some from the past - some were really really bad. But now every track I receive is beautiful. From small artists to big ones. The process is very smooth. Have had no problem with anybody at all. Communication is very nice, and you eventually become friends, very easy through the work. The only problem I now have is time - would have loved to work with everybody who approaches, don't like to say no for the music which is nice. But now it is just physically impossible to do so much.

erly tepshi eleonora

Many artists have released their tracks featuring your vocals, tell us about one highlight track/artist you have loved working with?

Every track is a highlight to me personally. As for the process - it is more interesting to see how my acapella becomes a track. Because producers then mostly change the bass line and timing of vocals, so it is a complete new context for me. If I sing to a track - it mostly stays unchanged from timing/fFX etc. From the latest collabs I can say that Erly Tepshi is a master of working with VOX, changing it, placing to a new area. Also Underher is very experimenting with FX.

Rafael Cerato Eleonora

Is there an Eleonora Album being worked upon?

There are so many Eleonora albums I worked upon, but as always, the longer it stays in the computer the more you either disconnect from it or you are convinced that it is shit. Although, I love the idea of having an album because you can have a whole concept in it. But then people really got to listen to the whole album as such. Since I am not that famous, and my work's kind of spread across genres, I think it is too early to release an album. I will release singles first, to show people where I am going. Starting from “level 0 “I will be releasing an acoustic song (as a reminder of how and where I started) in July 2020. And then my electronic works filled with different genres, and some music videos my beautiful sister Veronika Zaripova filmed with me.

How are the psychological rewards in this career you have chosen? 

Of course psychologically it isn't always nice. Approximately every three months I am thinking: 'wtf I am actually doing?' But this, I guess, by everyone the same... Then I think that we gonna die anyway and I gotta do what I like even if music business has no clear path you can follow to succeed. Boring life won't ever run from you. You can always go there. But yes, sometimes desperation and rising doubts are quite tough.

What are your career highlights?

Still waiting for that highlight. I guess if Frau Merkel calls me and says I did a nice track then this will be one for sure. Otherwise, warming up for Tender was very nice, also listening my first release remixed by Sei A on BBC Radio 1.

Have you given a thought about an Indian collaboration?

Was never thinking of collabs from a national point. So, I guess no. And, as much as I remember, haven't been approached yet from that far 🙂

Tracks across how many genres have your vocals? 

Now it is mostly techno and all sub genres from it. Then downtempo and trip hop (my own works and collabs). Years before it was mostly acoustic music (jazz, blues), also some rock stuff. Too many years before you better never hear what I was doing, also not sure you could have called it a genre or music at all 🙂

Any words of advice for upcoming young women artists?

Wouldn't limit it to women. General advice: if you love music, just do it. Learn and become better and better

​5 Singers and Vocalists who inspired you and continue to do so?

Certainly Björk, Fever Ray, Ray Charles, Peggy Lee, Holly Golightly. Damn, actually so many more!! But it is not that I like them because they can sing better than others. They all have that little something, identity, unique style. They all are not just vocalists, but artists. In their voices I hear the soul speaking and it gives me goosebumps.

What’s coming up for You down the road?

I guess the time will show. A lot of releases for sure 🙂


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours.

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