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Trap(ped) Monk

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Trap Monk, currently based out of Jaipur, is a multi-genre artist & producer who mainly indulges in making hip-hop and lo-fi music. He cultivated his interest in music from his father who practices classical music at home, this was also his initial influence. Latest influences are Hip Hop and urban Punjabi music which helped him in discovering his sound. Trap Monk believes that music is the language of the universe and his vision is to create music that becomes an expression of this language and reflects the truth of various dimensions of reality. We can expect a lot of music from Trap Monk in the coming time.

Trap Monk

Dissecting The Genre

Most of the songs that I have released have a lo-fi and pop feel, but I haven’t decided to stick to a particular genre. I would just simply say that these songs are vibes, light multidimensional vibes that narrates simple stories and emotions that everyone can relate to.

Trap monk

Roots That Inspire

I ran into music naturally as I used to watch my father practice music at home. Since an early age, I loved listening to music and when it came to choosing something as a career, I thought music would be perfect for me. Music naturally comes to me and initially I have learned most of things on my own but later for polishing my skills and to have professional knowledge, I took production classes and that helped me a lot.

Trap Monk

Possessed, So Far

After releasing my first single ‘So Far’, I started working on songs that have a lo-fi feel since the end of February, then the government announced lock-down. During the lock-down i kinda got lost into those vibes and made one song after another. I saw a story in them and then I thought releasing these songs as an album, an emotional journey will be the best justice for it. Also, these songs were interrelated and kinda meant to be together.

Target Acquisition

I just started releasing music so I don't think much about it. Right now my approach is to release music constantly and release a lot of stuff but yeah, for the future I'm planning to build a team that will also focus on finding and making a cult audience for my music, we can also call it a crew or a label.

Puddles & Hurdles

My love for music gives me enough strength for following my passion that I never felt I’m struggling for. I’m blessed that I have enough tools and knowledge to make music and I just believe in doing my karma honestly. I have reached this far and surely I’ll cover more milestones. I do struggle to find some dank memes sometimes, lol.


Trap Monk

Psychological ROI

I enjoy the process, the journey of making music more than any end result or something and thus the psychological rewards are great. Today we have technology to get our day to day stats of streams, views, likes and dislikes and focusing on them only makes your vision narrow. Basically stats are just numbers and you shouldn't depend on these kinda things for psychological rewards. They surely help in knowing our audience and understanding the market but we shouldn’t take them seriously or personally. I would suggest to keep your vision clear. Second guessing my career never occurred to me as I always keep my vision clear and realistic expectations. Even if it  occurred, my plans are to join the music mafia, lol.

On the Anvil

I’m a hip-hop and trap producer and I’m currently collaborating with two rappers (Rocky Glock & Ruhaan79) on their album. Me and Ruhaan are also planning to launch our label ‘Spiritual Mafia’ really soon. I’m also working on my solo singles but I don’t have any plans for a solo album any soon. Hopefully next year.

Pandemonium Effect

Covid didn’t bring much changes in my life or plans as I’m an introvert and spend most of my time indoors. As I told earlier, this lock-down only helped me in completing the EP and releasing it, so saying that it derailed won't be right in my case. As per tour, planning it this year doesn't seem practically possible, so let's hope for the next year.

Indian Footprint

There are only a few artists who create these kinds of songs but there's a huge audience for it as people consume a lot of lo-fi in India. Indian Hip-hop took its time in growing and now we can see the results. I’ll do my best to take it to more and more audiences and with time it will surely grow in India. For breaking the mould, I think we need more mainstream appreciation, featuring in movies and series will also help a lot and this will eventually happen when this kinda music will be grabbing audience's online.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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