Ezequiel Iensen

TLC with Ezequiel Iensen

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Currently producing and playing Ethereal Techno, Ezequiel Iensen has invested lot of dedication, love and care in to his DJ'ing career. And he has been in this genre since the nascent stages of his career. Spending most of the time producing and researching new releases,Ezequiel has equipped himself with simple and effective studio. "For me I think that anyone who wants something Make no excuse, go and do it" Make no mistake but a typical day in the studio for Ezequiel is everything! "My inspiration is the people who motivate me and the artists who give me strength To continue on that journey. I like to wake up early because that's where I have the most creativity".

Ezequiel Iensen

Puddles & Hurdles

It is not easy, I had to work hard to get where I am. But I'm happy to be able to reach people from everywhere! The path ahead is certainly more struggling, I think there is no hard way. Because if you work hard and believe in

your dreams nothing is impossible. And if it gets hard, work twice as hard to make it easier.

Ezequiel Iensen

Push comes to Shove

I chose this career, because electronic music has always been present in my life in some way. I think it's an incredible job for you to create something every day, and convey your feelings through music. It's an inexplicable feeling when you see people you don't know, who end up connecting with you through music. It's been very rewarding in that sense.

ezequiel Iensen

Creative Process of Music

I think that every good artist has to know how to create a good Warm Up. In my creative process, I always try to research the artist who will enter later, to make a story where his work will fit mine.

Industry Dynamics

Certainly the union of artists, is something incredible! It is the best part of the industry how we watch each other's backs. There are excellent artists in places where electronic music is not well dissipated, I believe that labels should pay attention to these producers. Because obviously they need support too and sometimes, whether economically or physically, logistics don't seem viable.

Track Scenario

The lack of opportunities is the main one, but it only makes me work harder to achieve my goals. And it is my dream to be on Afterlife Records someday. I believe many good things, because when you work hard the result is a consequence. I would like to leave a message for those who are starting now, do not give up on the first difficulty that appears. If you have a dream go after it.

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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