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EJJH is an electronic music act by Celjo John based out of New Delhi, India. EJJH is an anagram of the name, Celjo John. Professionally an Architect and by passion a Music Producer, EJJH has been in the underground music scene since the last 3 years. Glitch, Techno and House is what comprises of his style of music.

Hi, Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule and doing this interview for MelodyInsider. 

Anatomy of the Genre

Sonic trip with a mellow high, glitch and techno is the vibe that’s the tagline!

'Twas Written on Stone

As my parents tell me, I started showing signs of my inclination towards music at the age of 4 by playing grooves on table top & biscuit boxes which made my parents make me learn Tabla for a couple of years. By 14, I started learning guitars. Though, I never got an opportunity to learn music professionally on a regular basis but yes I learnt a lot from my friends, mentors & from internet tutorials. I feel it was there in me and the environment around me helped me nourish it.


A Quadruple Effect 

Any “Sound” that steers me to some memories in my head is a good motivation for me to write. Each of my 4 releases are of different tastes. I wrote Belief after coming across a Buddhist chant on a trip to Ladakh. The chant is an ancient mantra that is related to TARA, the mother of all Buddhas who comes to our aid to relieve us of physical, emotional & spiritual suffering. Belief is a reflection of my inner freedom.

Future bounce is about a complicated unsolvable situation between two people. It was conceived as an instrumental track but then a random jam with my Vocalist friend, Abhishek turned it into what it is today. Complex Spirit is all about technical stuff like reverse delays, vocal sampling & glitched beats. It resonates the complexities of life. Departure speaks of sadness that is associated by an inevitable separation to let go of the dark attached to it.

Wrapping an Album?

I believe the number of people coming out with new music has significantly increased with time and this fact makes me feel that I should come out with an album once my music has a good listener base. Till then singles and EP’s!

Target Acquisition

I use all of the above mentioned media to make my music reach out to the audience. Also, YouTube plays a very major role  in reaching out because of its wide user base. I feel the struggles have been relaxed with more and more distribution companies coming up and making it easier for artists to reach out to their listeners but the changes in the social media algorithm & increase in the dependency on paid promotion have actually shifted the focus from content to promotion of the content.


The Lab You call it?

My studio, which I call  “Lab”, is a mixture of both digital and analog worlds. I have equipped it with a few midi keyboards to run through my DAW, a Pioneer DDJ1000 DJ Controller for my DJ sets. A few electric & acoustic guitars and a couple of Korg synths. One piece of equipment that I would like to highlight will be my Yamaha RS7000 vintage sampler and sequencer which was handed to me by my friend who had no idea what it was!

Puddles & Hurdles

I believe, there is no struggle when you do what you love.  At times it gets stressful but then a session in the studio heals everything. Most of the time, the struggle is to keep my pets silent during my sessions.I guess it will get better only. With technologies advancing and labels reaching out to more independent artists, I see a better tomorrow.

An Ode to the Roots

My place of Origin is Kerala, Kerala has influenced me in many ways. The music, the vibe, art, food everything about this place is amazing. There is something about this place that makes me revisit it a couple of times every year. I am yet to garner local support as I could not connect much with the people there. But yeah I have a few releases in the coming months which have an essence of Kerala. A big shoutout to all Malayalees in the house.

Psychological Harvest

I feel peaceful with and around music. That’s the biggest psychological reward I have received through this field. At times things don’t go well with your plans but at the end of the day one thought that keeps me motivated is  “What better can it be to earn and live by doing what you love to do the most.”

Being a Bachelor in Architecture, the society has often second guessed on my behalf about my decisions implying their concern about my fate but I have always managed to show and make people believe that the grass is greener wherever the effort and love is genuine.


Pandemonium Effect

Not really, it has in fact helped me come out of my regular commercial producer role and focus on my original music. I could finish off my backlog tracks, release a few and also could build my social media standings.

Indian Footprint

India is doing crazy! People in India welcome every kind of music. Be it Despacito by Luis Fonsi or Laung Gawacha by Nucleya people here have always adapted to new music. Many foreign artists are eying Indian audiences and international labels are banking on Indian artists. So, I believe 5 years down the line we might have a strong audience base for such genres.

On the Anvil

A few singles down the line, a few collaborations and an EP by the end of 2021.

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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