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The Rise of Martin Garrix is the stuff of legends

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At 22 years of age, #1 DJ for third consecutive year (20016-17-18) and a career in the industry that only goes as far as 2012. Martijn Gerard Garritsen, popularly known as Martin Garrix, rises up from humble beginnings in the industry. With Tiesto held high as idol, and talent that surpassed hundreds, he occupied a spot his idol, Tiesto once held, the #1 spot in DJMags TOP 100 DJs.

Four years into releasing top grossers like Animals – Beatport #1 track – on Spinnin’ Records, Martin Launched his own record label. In 2016 Martin Garrix launches Stmpd Rcrds and the first track to be released was one of his. Stmpd was meant to host releases of tracks from artists across the spectrum. Alongside came a record deal with Sony Music International too, the same year around July.            

New songs, new label, new collaborations and associations meant that the world wanted to see this young Dutch perform live, at clubs and music festivals. From modest beginnings at Midsummer White Festival in 2013 to benchmark festivals like Ultra Music Festival in 2014 and Tommorowland Belgium. Ultra music Festival now regularly features Martin Garrix as one of the headlining acts of the event. Martin produced tracks that got repeatedly played at international music festivals by notable names in the industry.

Widely recognised tracks Rewind Repeat It, Waiting for Love, The Only Way Is Up were curated by collaborating with Ed Sheeran, Avicii and Tiesto respectively. Martin also had successful collaborations with other internationally acclaimed artists like Linkin Park, Carl Cox and Usher and Justin Bieber to name a few.

Year 2016 witnessed accelerated growth for Martin Garrix that consequently made him the #1 DJ in the world. A poll result by DJ Mags, a publishing heralded in the industry for expansive coverage of DJs, clubs, music festivals and even equipments, among others. That is a commendable feat by anyone’s standard that you become a top dog in your turf within a handful years’ experience and work. Also, Martin Garrix has been ruling the roost ever since, 2018 was third consecutive year he occupied the throne.

As a fitting gift to have ten million fans following on his Facebook account, Martin Garrix composed and released a track called Forbidden Voices. Martin Garrix topping DJ charts was a collateral he enjoyed and did not expect, because his tracks were topping big charts like Beatport and Billboard dance Club Songs.       

Dozen releases with a more than dozen collaborations within half a dozen year, Martin Garrix was becoming a household name. He had achieved so much more than he thought he would. When he was declared #1 Dj in 2016 by DJ MAGs, he stated – It feels unreal to have won. I 100 percent did not expect it at all. World renowned Forbes’ magazine listed Martin Garrix as World’s Highest-Paid DJs in 2017 with earnings of $19.5 million.

If you project Martin Garrix in Maslow’s pyramid of hierarchy of needs, he had it all. The last or the top most need, self-actualization, was achieved by philanthropy. Yes you heard it right, martin has been engaged in philanthropy, powered by his music. In 2016 Martin Garrix headlined an event in Los Angeles, California, where all proceeds were donated to a non-profit organisation that fights cancer.  Same year he toured India for another philanthropic event. This time in Mumbai, India that saw 62,000 in attendance. Proceeds were once again donated to an organisation by the name Magic Bus to support the education of over 10,000 children. In 2017 SOS Children’s Village in South Africa announced Martin Garrix as an “International Friend”.

Do visit  his official page https://martingarrix.com/ for more information on Martin Garrix keep track of his new releases and tour dates.

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