Sinner Vs Saint – Emulsification For Music

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MI: Hi, thanks for taking some time out of your day and sitting with us. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. What would you be doing today if not for this interview?

SS: Hi and no problem. we are honored for this interview. We think that the most logical place would be behind our computers and synths or turntables. You could say that we are addicted to our music.

MI: Where did you first learn music? A music school? How has it panned out in shaping your career?

SS: Since a very young age, we were fascinated by music & entertainment. Growing up with classical music, jazz & blues as well as groups of the 60 's/70 's, there was always one or another association with mostly any genre. As we are brothers we grew up together, playing the collection of records from our father or watching classical concerts with our mother, we still have had a different learning process in understanding music.

The Saint had more of the theoretical music education and learned to play the flute. But his main thing has been poetry and writing lyrics and stories. The Sinner got his skills more by doing the practical approach on playing guitar. Just bought the instrument and taught himself to play. Shortly after this event we started different bands together and learned further together till this day.

Our main focus has been metal and rock music for like the past +20 years but our hobby has always been electronic music but we just did that for fun. Until 2.5 years ago our main focus shifted to producing and spinning Techno.

So we are producing electronic music for all this time also but our first contact with actually playing the decks was  2.5 years ago and also our first releases followed within the first few months.

sinner vs Saint

MI: What currently keeps you busy these days?

SS: We are producing a lot these days, also we have our DJ collective SoundOfSystems which absorbs a big amount of time when we are organizing events and each of us has their personal agenda. The Saint has started a radio station together with a UK partner called 'Techno Connection' and he takes on most of the promo stuff for us. So there is always something to be done!

MI: How would you describe your style of music production and DJing to someone unaware of this genre?

SS: Hold on to something and don't let go cause we will blast you away! Hard beats, deep kicks with melodic and psychedlic elements. Our sets are different to other DJ’s, like we use all 4 decks together with hands-on effects and we are not shy of going to each other’s comfort zones, when we play together we are one mind, one machine.


MI: How would you describe your current path in this career you have chosen?

SS: We are at the point where we are gaining much respect in the Techno community but it has not been very easy and we had to work hard to earn that. We just do it for the love of music and that's being recognized we think. For the future, we are trying to get some releases with some major record labels and we believe we will get there eventually.

Sinner Vs Saint

MI: Who are the artists who inspire you?

SS: The list would be too long to handle, hahaha. There are so many talented people from big artists to small town street artists. We try to get inspiration from anybody or anything in life.

MI: Tell us, what does a typical day in the studio mean for you?  What inspires your productions? 

SS: We get to the studio and hang for a few hours first mostly, catching up personally and business-wise while we are listening to mostly our own previous productions, discuss what we can do better etc.

Then we actually get to producing if the time is right and the feel is there. We always jam with our equipment and that can be from doing some live synths or playing in our DAW's, always trying to keep it loose and fun. If we have some spare time (which we make sure of, hahaha) we play some League of Legends together. (Also we smoke a lot but we are not sure if we can mention this here, lol)


MI: How about you naming top 5 industry giants who have inspired you to produce and Dj and top 5 you would like to play alongside?

SS: Plastikman aka Ritchie Hawtin, Spektre, Mario Ochoa, Metodi Hristov, Charlotte de Witte

SInner Vs Saint

MI: If you weren't Djing, where would be today?

SS:Playing Pro League of Legends we guess, hahahahahahaha


MI: Which is your dream label?

SS: There are so many, difficult choice, but we think we would go for Phobic, Tronic or Ithica records.


MI: What is your methodology behind a set you play when you open for artists at clubs? What is the creative process behind your sets?

SS: As we play a lot of tracks (mostly 70+ in 2 hours) in our sets and spinning the 4-decks with lot of loop usage we don't spend very much time in actually preparing which track goes after the other and rely more on the inspiration of the moment we are playing. This allows us to give a more live feel to our performances! Also, we have our own secrets,  like for instance a personalized key finder! (MI: not more a secret then eh? )If you play after us you can be sure the crowd is warmed up, 200%


MI: As an upcoming artist with tough competition, what struggles and challenges do you face? 

SS: We don't look at it as struggles or competition. We know a lot of other artists and we just support each other. One of the reasons we think we are getting this much respect as fast and growing at this rate. Stay humble is our advice.


MI: Do you have a studio? What’s the current set up like? What equipment you have and what is that you can’t live without?

SS: So like most 'upcoming' artists like us we work from our built-in home-studio. 2 High-end pc systems with our DAW's like FL Studio and Acid pro with all our VST's. Then we have a system-1 Roland synth and a Arturia keylab.

Then we have our DJ gear connected, Allen&Heath xone:96 mixer with 3 pioneer decks with an RMX-1000 station and a Traktor S8 system at our disposal and of course we have a great Soundsystem but that speaks for itself.

sinner vs saint

MI: Tell us about your productions thus far, your releases.

SS: First, we had our solo releases and projects which gave us the opportunity to build up The Sinner and The Saint. We had our first release with the 'Dog&Man' label which had the title track 'The Sinner and The Saint' and 'Confessions' included. Then shortly after we had a release on a VA with 'MTZ Noir' called 'Pure Belgian Techno' with our track 'Strange Things'. 

Our next release is scheduled for 27 April 2020 with 'LETS TECHNO Records' featuring 3 tracks called 'E-motions, Massive Impact, and Supremacy' which are absolutely BOMBS!

MI: What’s coming up for You down the road?

SS: We are already working hard on our next release and hope to score some more gigs in the future. Keep pushing the limits all the time. Always Respect! Always Techno!


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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