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DT/DeadTrance is a Mumbai, India, based electronic music band created in 2006 by Abhinav Sharma & Anubhav Sharma. Dj Abhinav (DT), the main man behind the music. DT is one of the most sought after Producer/DJ in the Indian dance music scene. Interest in music goes as far and deep as birth, being born to an Indian Folk singer, his mother, music has been DT's first language and instilled in his DNA. In his early years 2006 - 2013, he honed his musical skills at central India's biggest club "Rush Inn Roll".

What got you into this genre?

We (me and my brother) have been good collectors of music for a long time (just like Northern Soul) whether it's Indian classical, Retro, Bollywood or Billboard Music. My mother is a vocalist so a lot of things came from her. And in my journey I have seen the shifts in the genre of world electronic. I was inspired by trance in the beginning and artists like Tiesto, Above and Beyond, Armin Van Buuren, etc and i use to play their music a lot in my dj sets back in 2010. The world don't seem to settle on one single genre, this time it's underground music. So it's been 3 years since i started my techno music production because i like the acidic sound. I try to keep sounds of techno and feel of trance, so it's kind of my own Genre i created, but have received much appreciation from producers around the world. The Vibe of trance and sounds of acid drew me into techno music.

DT Music

Tell us, what does a typical day in the studio mean to you?  What inspires your productions?

First thing is I never sit with the intention to finish any track in a day. I try to create something whether it be a melody, a drum, a kick or a simple structure which is inspired by sounds around the world. Sometimes my production takes months, but sometimes it takes me just hours to finish it. So it's always the Mood. Also listening to more music, not necessarily restricted to electronic genre but diving into other styles like Retro, Rock, Hans Zimmer, A Lot of Film and the Orchestra too like Herbert Von Karajan.

How has the struggle been so far to your current stand?

Well the struggle is real, but at the same time music and my releases with good labels heal me a lot. So I keep pushing, I just make music without thinking whether it's going to be released with big label or not!


Is the path ahead more struggling or does it get better from here?

Challenges never get over and I will never get satisfied at any point of time. So the path is definitely getting better. Last year we released 10 tracks with decent European labels like Trippy code Records, Take My Space Records, Subwoofer Records, Traum Techno, Arcon Records. This year till 8th April i have 10 Released Tracks and 10 signed tracks with good labels like Egothermia Records, Black Square Records &  Eclipse Recordings, Haustronaut Records.

DT Music
DT Music
DT Music

Why did you choose this career? Do you think there are other reasons to choose too?

I didn't know i was ever going to be a Dj/Producer. It was a night when the resident Dj of the club in my hometown, "Rush Inn Roll", Bhilai, Chhattisgarh decided to call it a night sooner than regular and I managed the deck until close. I only had little knowledge about the player as I was working there for two years, And that is how it all started! That was the best night of my life! I played Hip- Hop numbers of 50 cent and some Linkin Park too. The crowd cheered me a lot and I was overwhelmed and that night is the reason I kept going.  So I felt like I didn't choose music, music chose me!


How easy/difficult it is to release music in your genre?

Well it's never too easy and never too difficult to release the music of any genre at any label. One just needs to have a good vibe in the music and should know where it belongs. If you hit the right music at the right labels it is definitely going to be released. So the research should be strong and definitely the write-up for the label must be decent.


What is one attribute of this industry that is a boon?

Well, sometimes big labels like After Life, Ballroom Records, Iconyc, SL6, ToolRoom don’t accept the demo because of the style difference but if they like your sound, they appreciate it, most of the time i have received that your style is not fitting the Label taste but your tracks are amazing and specially the sound of production. That inspires me. Also Label managers write to me asking for music, like something I created for another label that they liked.

What is the one attribute of this industry that is a bane?

Well it's everywhere, not exclusive to this industry, people give chances to their friends and known ones who might not know a single thing about Art, but not the one who is actually needs it. And then there are con artists who have money and resources. They might not use those big heavy synths but will show their studio photos on Instagram to get more popularity and hype. Nothing personal, but truth be told.


As an upcoming artist with tough competition, what struggles and challenges do you face?

It's marketing your music and social media profile. Nowadays making good music and releasing on labels is not enough. Even the best music has to be heavily promoted to target a larger audience. But I really thank and appreciate the platforms like MelodyInisder who are actually ready to give it a hear to the unheard independent artists. Also digital pages Like Indianraverscommunity, Mumbai Rave Community, Techno Addicts, Techno Chile and many more who share your work and appreciate your music globally. So it's a great help you get from them but still the struggle is not over!


What’s coming up for You down the road?

One of my new singles called “Alive” and EP called Anthem are releasing plus other surprises.



Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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