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Axl Stace – Taming the Comfort Zone

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Hi, Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule and doing this interview for MelodyInisder. Axl Stace is a young and upcoming producer from New Bombay (Navi Mumbai). And he sacrificed some time for us by either not making music or not eating delicious nutella & Banana pancakes, we can't wait to both Axl. 



MI: What music are you producing or DJ'ing?

AS: I’m making a lot of music for myself and my clients. Mostly underground stuff, but I personally enjoy writing melancholic techno and sub genres along those lines.


MI: What got you into this genre?

AS: I think it was Marcus Schossows original Swedish nights that really got me into this kind of music. I was a total alternative rock person minus the skull tattoos and piercings.


MI: What are the various equipment and gear you have in your studio to facilitate production? 

AS: So it’s constantly evolving but here’s what i have today : moog sub37, roli seaboard, akai apc 40, faderport 8, akai mpd, apollo twin 2, pre sonus eris 6.6 3, NI komplete knontrol. And my friends studios where i record and track some vintage synths and vocals.

Axl Stace

MI: Tell us, what does a typical day in the studio means for you?  What inspires your productions?

AS: Mostly it’s just moods. i have a project where i just write melodies, it has about a thousand projects. Then i just choose the one’s that i feel strongly for. Mostly with the future in mind and writing something timeless and original is the main goal.


MI: Have you released any music? If yes, tell us about your releases.

AS: Yes I’ve had a few releases mostly very old stuff so i’m waiting to release some new tunes. 


MI: How has the struggle been so far to your current stand?

AS: I don’t think I’ve struggled yet. I know people who have and i don’t come anywhere close to them but i’m always breaking my comfort zone. 


MI: Is the path ahead more struggling or does it get better from here?

AS: It’s not a struggle if you love what you’re doing it’s always been good it’ll always be good. hard work has to be put in to make something work there are a lot of talented people in this world one just has to be extra special and be willing to do extra to be the best because one has to lose for one to win.

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MI: Not necessarily monetary, how have the rewards been so far in this career?

AS: I think everyone gets into this industry for money/quick rewards but gets a slap on their face right away. It’s always about the long run (i think).


MI: Why did you choose this career? Do you think there are other reasons to choose too?

AS: It gave me immense joy to share and play music for people and making music is the most expressive way for me to exert my emotions. I’ve never found it difficult to make music i don’t get writers block i just sit on my laptop and a midi keyboard and it flows effortlessly and just feels right. 


MI: And how is the support from industry peer's?

AS: There are good people and bad people everywhere. Some genuinely are very nice people who just support you in your journey and I’ve been very lucky to have met them at such an early stage. 


MI: How easy/difficult it is to release music on your genre?

AS: It’s the same as any other genre one has to be well connected to get there and good music is mandatory (of course).


MI: Who according to you are top 5 labels in your genre?

AS:Afterlife, Fryhide, Diynamic, Innervisions you know the rest 


MI: ​Who is your inspiration?

AS:Robert Babicz, Agents of Time, Stephan Bodzin, Robert Hood, Innellea, Nolah, Sum 41, Muse, Lifehouse i’ll stop here the list will be too long.

axl stace

MI: What is your methodology behind a set you play when you open for artists at clubs? What is the creative process behind your sets?

AS: I try to keep the vibe the headliner has so it’s not a drastic change. Some records that indicate what the audience is to expect later that night, mostly personal edits, some acapellas etc during the dj sets. For live sets it’s a totally different story.


MI: As an upcoming artist with tough competition, what struggles and challenges do you face?

AS: The only challenge is one’s mindset and comfort zone. 


MI: Which is your dream label?

AS: Will have to be Fryhide, Afterlife and Innervisions


MI: What’s coming up for You down the road?

AS:A lot of ups and downs ups i hope. I’ve a few releases lined up and some proper live shows with visuals. 


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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