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ASMETRIK is Arjun Vagale's alter-ego and brainchild, that is the phoenix birthed from an urge to evolve. Launched over a year ago in a sell-out concert, Asymtrik pushes the boundaries of music not known or otherwise uncharted. It nurtures the pure rawness of the sound in an industrial soundscape guided by drums and synths.


AsymetriK returns with its 3rd installment bringing along Arjun Vagale EAS (Clergy) for a brutal, hard-hitting multi collaborative project. Taking  inspiration from broken beat, EBM & Industrial, all 4 tracks allow the artists to  express their creativity, cementing the labels open-minded aesthetic. 

Arjun has also collaborated with Acid Moons, and designed two T-Shirts based around the concept of 'chaos'. 

"As an artist, I’ve always believed that evolution is essential - to explore uncharted territory and to stir things up, to keep it inspiring for myself, but also to bring YOU something exciting"- Arjun Vagale

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