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AB+ & Nakul C – Re-imagining the Myth of Alkonost

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Alkonost is medley of emotions bound by myth and out-of-character melodies. 

AB+, India has collaborated with Nakul C (his partner in crime) based out of Pune, India once again to bring to their audience a sensory experience. Their strive to strike perfection has compelled them to think outside the box which resulted in a versatile and unique package - ALKONOST.

Alkonost EP is forward thinking and we also tried to get out of our comfort zone by just working on 4/4 grooves and shifted our focus towards working on an intro as well. As challenging it sounds, driving the idea to fruition and going forward with it was an experience, and you can experience it by listening the EP. These tracks were worked on during the lockdown period here in India & we can certainly guarantee that all of them are bursting out with various emotions. Alkonost is the title track of the EP, followed by Akasiya & then Harmonies of truth & this EP also includes 2 massive remixes by the swiss artist ØXYR & greek talent Against Me !

AB+ & Nakul Cha

The EP features 3 originals and two mesmerising remixes from ØXYR & AgainstMe who changed the vibe completely from the originals and got in their own artistic vision for their respective remixes. We brought up some new ideas together alongside simplicity and versatility in our tracks, not to forget some spacey elements going on in the background to make it more interesting & make us feel that we are ready to put it out on a label.

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