SystemHouse33 – Not For the Faint-hearted as they say.

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SystemHouse33 is a groove, death-thrash metal band from Bombay, India. With a vision of overturning the broken system of depravity, apathy and oppression in society, the seeds of a responsible & empathetic system need to be sown within your mind, your house, and once these notions take root and grow, can there be hope for a system that doesn’t let the masses down. This realization led to the birth of a heavy metal band in a small town of India founded by Samron Jude – SystemHouse33. The Band’s aim is to disseminate the necessity to create an unwavering system of change as laid out in their tracks “Lift This Plague” (highlighting the atrocities faced by women in India), “Detestable Idolatry” (the hypocrisy of religiosity), “Let’s Stand Up” (rise up and speak up for your rights), “Cry of Anguish” (the unseen struggle with one’s mental health) among others.

Meet The Band

SystemHouse33 is Vignesh, Gilroy, Mayank and myself (Samron) and we also have touring members as part of the band on our international tours, we have a large metal family.

Anatomy of the Genre

Extreme heavy metal with groove, death, thrash elements, definitely not for the faint-hearted 😉

So it began, End of Days 

End of Days was inspired by the Book of Revelation. Over the years, there has been a lot of debate about the end of the world, so End of Days is our take on this issue where we have tracks like Lake of Sorrow, Rapture, Great Tribulation as well as socially-relevant themes in Stand Up and Cry of Anguish. We released the album on our European tour with Orphaned Land in 2019 and had the honor to tour the USA with the legendary Max Cavalera and Soulfly early 2020 promoting this album, just before the pandemic hit.

Target Acquisition

Music from SystemHouse33 can be found on all these leading music sites, although a lot of our music gets sold on our tours via CDs and custom merch. Getting the reach is always an ongoing struggle for any extreme artist.

One Heavy Metal band. Two extensive tours of the USA and Europe. Highlights & memories?

Yeah, getting the opportunity to tour Europe and the USA promoting our latest album End of Days before the global pandemic stopped everything, we have a lot to be thankful to. We’re grateful to have performed in Europe and USA once again, we toured back in 2015-16 when we released our earlier album Regression, where we shared the stage with Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus and Acacia Strain. The band has great memories for sure, made a lot of friends and it was such an honor sharing the stage with metal bands that we have looked up to.  One of the highlights was definitely touring with Max Cavalera in USA this year and he dedicated the song “Tribe” to SystemHouse33 each night, that was huge and being a big fan of Max and coming from India, this was one of the best things that  happened, it was such an honour! The only challenge is obviously getting everything ready to travel overseas as a band, but thankfully it has been good.

An Ode to the Roots

It’s all about where you come from and who has influenced us. We come from a very small town (Nagpur) where we were the only heavy metal time at that time and the support was meager owing the genre, but Pantera, Sepultura, Slayer have been huge inspirations to the band and early on, we had received support by performing at festivals across India, that gave us the impetus to push ahead and take our music internationally on tours.

Psychological Rewards

Music has always been a top priority and we have been playing music even before we became adults and ventured into other careers. We knew that music was always going to be a very important part of our life and I don’t think anything else matters when it comes to who you are, your mental health and you don’t need to sacrifice music for anything else in life. I also think music is more of a personal commitment and needs to be done for yourself first, not anyone so second-guessing was never an option.

Pandemonium Effect

Touring for sure was impacted since we just completed our USA tour in March and had our schedule set for the rest of the year. We lost out on some tours and shows which is a huge loss for the band as we were building the momentum while promoting End of Days, but in the bigger sphere of things, everyone has suffered, it has taken away jobs and sources of livelihood for many, so we’re hoping that 2021 will be better.

Indian Footprint

Heavy metal is  very much a part of the culture in America and Europe as those are the places where subgenres of metal were born so there’s a lot more people involved and supportive of this genre of music. India and Europe/America cannot be compared in this genre of music, since in India, Bollywood rules, it has a monopoly and has derailed the independent music scene. Given that India is such a massive country, you can actually count the number of venues supporting extreme artists on one hand, so that should give you a very good idea of that situation.  

Next Stop?

SystemHouse33 is in the studio wrapping up the new album so we can’t wait to release that. The band has a few music videos lined up, new merch (we have a lot of merch already available on our website) and once the world opens up, we have shows lined up with the album release and some touring, so yeah, hoping for the best!

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