SkyEyes – A Final Chapter

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SkyEyes' latest is a rocking reminder of times gone by, laced with strong guitar riffs and persuasive vocals. 

Bring me to the End is the latest single to be released by a Delhi based Rock band – SkyEyes. Bring me to the End is the first song we recorded with our new guitar player – Kaushik Manikandan. He joined the band as a session player and now is the newest guitar player of the band.

SKy Eyes

Bring me to the End is an expression of all the hard times musicians have faced around the globe due to the current raging pandemic. With hardly any work, this has been the toughest year to survive in the indie music industry. The single also focusses on the current demeanor of world leaders where logical debate and problem solving has been replaced by hate speeches.  It talks about how democracy is being used as a tool to the dictators to rise up to power.

The Track releases today for mass consumption, a brilliant one indeed. So head to your nearest tap-able streaming platform and enjoy the track.

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