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Sixth Tone on Note

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Tough, raw, edgy, groovy and an intruding spot fix over fat bass reflects Sixth Tone’s melancholic tones with influences that are as diverse as music can be. Having a rhythm to crave and percussions to sulk, his spooky groove pattern
always unravels a promising end. Sixth Tone’s journey with electronic music began in the middle of 90’s with inspiration that struck while grooving to tracks of legendary artists. His increased and meticulous attention to produce music that is synonymous to Techno emerged with perfection with years of commitment and practice. His keen interest to be acclaimed with Techno drove from commitment to obsession and his euphoria influence him to make a distinctive impact in both, music and club culture.

Anatomy of the Genre

Fast rhythm, hypnotic groove, deep, melancholic, high energy beats. This music is functional, sound of the spirit and very liberating. 

sixth tone

That Tremor of a Release 

Search Party was made alongside three other tracks. Lucid, Untitled 20/20, and Northern Light. It started with kick and bass, build elements around it, after some few hours and coffee breaks in between I had enough material to break them into several tracks. Search party has this vibe as if you’re looking for something. The groove, bass, elements, progression in it are fit. It’s a good track to play and approach peak hours on a techno night.

Target Acquisition

Target audience are everywhere. Spotify is not intended to help artists and be discovered as it should be. Most labels have began opting out of Spotify for known reasons. I’d say Bandcamp. I’ve had more support on bandcamp in the past few weeks than I’ve had on Spotify as a whole. They allow you to stream full tracks as spotify does, plus, it supports artists, labels, connects you to them directly. YouTube is also good, more organic in that sense to gain a following who are also musical purists. SoundCloud, a must have for artists to be discovered.

Highlight Performance 

Has to be Loft 38 - 2019. Bangalore Underground Movement booked me to play for their techno nights. I wasn’t restricted to any particular style of techno. Perhaps they know what I bring to the table and loft38 was perfect of my sound. It felt right from the moment I started. The flow was great, everyone were on their feet having a nice time.This was also the night I happened to test out my releases. M30 was my debut single on KitchenSync Records. An acid techno track that sounded like a dream at the peak of the night on Loft’s beautiful, loud sound system. Following which I played music from artists I like and ended my set with my track UI released as part of a three tracker Prisoner EP on Hypnotic Skull Recordings. The crowd reaction was amazing as it was just what I imagined. Great venue, good party! You can hear the last two hour of my set from that night on Warped Music, #itsallwarped mix-125.

An Ode to the Roots

Bangalore is a city that will expose you to a lot of good music. So, yes definitely! I grew up listening to a vast spectrum of music, across genres. In the initial stages of Sixth Tone, I did gain some local support from artists, djs, few promoters, friends, friends of friends. 

Joba, Adam, Vilas, Joseph have really been appreciative. Everytime I finish some music I would send it to my friends who are also djs and amazing producers. We went on to collaborate and released some good music together in the past. I’ve even had some wonderful releases on Adam’s KitchenSync Records. M30 in 2018, five-track Polar Distortion Album which released earlier this year. I’ve had string of releases on Differed records which is a bangalore based electronic music label. Deeds was my first release on my imprint with a remix from Joba. Also, receiving appreciation and feedback for my music from major players in the techno scene is a good moral boost. It goes to say I’m heading the right direction.

It’s not all shiny though. On the flipside, I’ve had been asked by many, “how did you get into this type of sound, nobody is playing this type of music, where is the influence, motivation, inspiration from?”. Some have even been truly honest and have said, “no, people are not ready for this type of music”. That would mean the music is futuristic and that’s what techno is all about. So, I took that for a compliment. I must be doing something right as I’ve had good releases in the past, most of new music I finished are releasing in months to come. 

Psychological Harvest

I guess in music the wait for one good news take so long, the feelings you go through the process will eat you little by little. It does get you. It happens to all of us in the creative field. You have to come up with ways to get your head around it. If you survive the struggles you’re having within, that’s job half done. It takes an open mind and time. The fruits of your labour will follow, slowly and steadily. 

I’ve gone to the extremes of just giving up the whole thing and go back to taking up some corporate job. That would mean I have to put away years of work, time and learning, it’s not worth it. That’s the little bit motivation you get before dealing with all the rejection until you find a good home for your music. The process repeats.  

Indian Footprint

I think there’s always been a quite following for hard techno and industrial techno music in India. There are more producers making harder sound as there are more djs that taking up techno music in it’s different forms. We even have a wider audience now that’s listening and consuming techno music. We’ve had many amazing international djs and techno acts performed in the past  and so many amazing festivals with such good, beautiful techno music. This could only mean techno music  is going to explode in India. We should expect a good, more stronger techno scene. 

The quality of techno music in Europe, Japan, America is amazing. That being said, it is necessary that the new djs and producers in India taking up the genre, educate themselves. Listening a wide range of music to understand techno better. Although it’s one thing be inspired by that one track you heard from your friend or another dj and decided to be a techno dj, producer, it is also necessary to listen to a whole range of music within techno as this genre needs to be understood so you’re able to take it in a new direction. 

Every dj nowadays that’s taken up this genre, playing techno, or atleast what they think is techno plays the same style, same melodies. Although it’s good to see what others are doing but then you have to find yourself through all of it. Every producer making techno music has these rules, formula, structured template, because that’s the secret to a good sounding track? I don’t think so. I feel there’s much more than just formulated music. Maybe then we will stop listening techno djs playing deep house sets, progressive house sets and everything else that has nothing to do with techno parties.

One for the Road

I have two remix projects, couple of original music, so, I could be working on 2021 releases. I could be out riding some place as the sun is out. Or I could be home just sitting on the couch and telling my dog to shut up.



Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.


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