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Serpents of Pakhangba – Unabashedly Eclectic

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Serpents of Pakhangba is a theatrical avant-garde/experimental/folk/free-jazz band conceptualized and formed by multi-instrumentalist composer Vishal J.Singh (of the internationally acclaimed multi-national avant-prog band Amogh Symphony).

Meet The Band

Their line-up includes Fidel Dely Murillo (drums. percussion, sampler, sound design), Vishal J. Singh (guitar, guitar-synth, sound design), Manas Chowdhary (bass, bass-synth, sound design, effects) and Tanushree Saha (vocals, light language, kazoo, valiha, synth/keys).

If you were to introduce your music and genre to someone unaware of your music, how would you? 

Tanushree: I would say ‘A collection of fresh sounds, something very different that can be healing yet triggering’. I would ask them to listen & give it a name from their dictionary. 

Manas: it will be a bit complicated to introduce this music with words, I would rather play them the record.

Tell us something about your latest album. Inspiration behind the name and the project. 

Vishal: With our new soundtrack single “The Silence Of Day”, it is remastered Neo Redux version of our first album that was released in 2020. This Neo Redux version has 3 live recordings from 3 different shows along with the studio versions. “The Silence Of Day” and the Neo Redux version are technically our first release with our new vocalist Tanushree Saha aka Shree. 

What has been your nonfinancial investment in this album?

Fidel: the most valuable thing in life: time.

Manas: just quality time and energy. 

Tanushree: As the new Vocalist of the Band – Investments on learning the techniques, grooming the voice for the requirements, building a self image & aligning myself with the vision of the band & its mission 

If the album was an emotion, what would it be and why?

Fidel: exorcism? Catharsis?

Manas: mix of most of the emotions we feel day to day, as this album reflects us, our culture and roots.

Tanushree: It can’t be explained as 1 emotion, it is a beautiful mix of surprise, state of wilderness, shock, fear & victory

The message the album conveys.

Vishal: Get back to your roots, accept who you and improvise in life and art. 

Fidel: there’s only the certainty for uncertainty

Manas: believe in your music, persistence n patience.

According to you, what does it take to earn the acclaimed badge of “Established Artist”?

Tanushree: ‘To show up every time’. it takes real heart and a strong soul to show up & keep doing it over & over again  till you become a master. You commit to yourself alone, to your growth. When you have proved it to nobody else but yourself first, you know you aren’t fooling no-one. Once this strong foundation is built, it will materialise externally in the world as whatever you call it, ‘Established Artist’ or ’Successful Band’.

Your Highlight performance till date and why so?

Tanushree: Fusefest March 2021. It was a good complete experience till now with the band in form, the whole support crew, the created looks & love received back while it.

Vishal: Fusefest in Guwahati, March 2021. Not only did we perform for the very first time with our make up on and with costume designed by our vocalist Tanushree, but also the crowd in that small area was the best till date. We were welcomed with arms wide open and they were in trance with us. It was also the band’s first show in North-east (All of us except our drummer Fidel who is originally from Panama, are from Assam). The sound, the overall event was done very professionally and brilliantly by No Binary Records. We also witnessed great new bands in all the three days of Fusefest.

Fidel: touring in India is a landmark for my life. Playing for friends and for a very receptive audience is the best thing in the world.

An artist’s Best Friend is? 

Fidel: non artist friends, who would listen openly and feedback from their non technical point of view.

Manas: Life. Lust for life!

A piece of equipment that has been absolutely pivotal in onstage performance?

Vishal: The voice or any thing that makes sound in my hands. Not necessarily a music instrument always. 

Fidel: My in ear monitors, haha. My behringer delay pedal, my cymbals, my tongue drum.  Tools of trade.

Manas: In my case — Bass Guitar, by now I can view most of the things through my instrument.

Tanushree: Kazoo

What was the first ever instrument you played and how did it inspire you?

Tanushree: The Harmonium/Keys as my 1st ever instrument. But much later it Inspired to compose/produce 1st rather than play it Live.

Vishal: Drums. I have been an enthusiastic kid with a little bit of rage. Not unholy rage, rage to do things fast and aggresive. I saw John Bonham, Buddy Rich and next I knew I want to feel how they feel while touching the skin, the sticks, the cymbals etc. I felt like riding a chariot. It felt like controlling and channeling my rage and i wanted to explore more and more. All that inspired and motivated me. 

Fidel: Grew up in church playing percussion, and started playing claves and bongos.

Manas: Drums, but then again I saw the Bass was left alone out there most of the times, and there was a better Drummer than me in the gang.

How has your place of Origin been an influence to your music?

Vishal : I have always been in touch with my roots but then I discovered the spiritual connection with my origin and roots after I left home. You know, at home, it was way too much comfort. Comfort makes me feel incomplete. It stops me from discovering and exploring. When I moved to Mumbai and other cities and played with several musicians, I always thought about “sounding unique is only possible by being able to do something with which I was born with.

How are the psychological rewards? 

Manas: With all these years of being on road, as time moves on you start understanding life much closer, you start forgiving and start laughing at disappointments and failures.

Fidel: The memories we make, the moments after playing a song and letting the last note sway. The poetic realization that just during the performance, everything is one and is what it is, what It can be. What we can make of it. While it last. And wont be the same ever again. And being able to do it. Because we can. 

Tanushree: They are plenty. But Its the long term rewards. No instant gratification. Some of the rewards are namely, high self positioning and self worth as we stand out from the rest, satisfaction of having done what we desired inspite of all odds, showing determination to lead by example and inspire many. And most importantly fulfilling our life purpose of sharing good energy, storytelling and healing to a large mass in the form of music. 

If we speak to you again exactly this date 5 years from now, How different are all the above answers going to be?

Tanushree: A technical few would be different, more or less the emotional & psychological approach would be the same

Manas: Maybe they will be kinda same space.

Fidel: Pretend to try to know the future is disrespect for the present. I want to be surprised. No spoilers.  Hopefully you find us healthy, wealthy and crispy.

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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