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Screech – Driven By BASS

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Hi Guys, welcome to MelodyInsider. What a pleasure it is to host you Levl9ne, HellKitty and Ransom, the founding members of Screech.


MI: What is the idea behind the name Screech and what is Screech?

Levl9ne: The term Screech comes from the world of Dubstep. Screech is basically a loud and harsh sound that defines the genre Dubstep. Screech is a brand that mainly focuses on bass music.


MI: How did you guys meet and who came up with the idea of screech?

Hellkitty: So I met Ransom and Levl9ne at this bass music event that happened in 2018 in Bangalore. We were introduced to each other by mutual friends. Since we all make bass music, we got along pretty quickly. Ransom: Initially, it was me and Levl9ne who had this idea to host a show in Bangalore, where all the bassheads can come together from the city. Later on Hellkitty joined us.


MI: How do you think the bass scene is growing in India?

Hellkitty: I think bass music has a strong community in our country and within the past year numerous artists have come up with their style of it. Ransom: Even though there are a lot of bassheads, we lack bass events in India. But the scene is growing faster compared to the last five years. One of the main ideas behind screech is to push this scene to an extent where we can host events on a regular basis.

screech dubstep riddim bass

MI: How do you guys think you can improve the scene?

Levl9ne: As of now, we do not have enough resources to host events in our city. The best way to improve this is to do more shows and provide opportunities for upcoming artists to showcase their talent. Ransom: Collaborations with event management companies and venues could help us to improve the scene.

MI: Since you said it's underground and not many venues host such events, what struggles did you guys face when you hosted your shows?

Hellkitty: It took us a lot of time to find a venue that would allow us to play this kind of music, which is super rare haha. After some time, we finally got a venue to agree, which obviously came after lot of negotiations. Ransom: After getting hold of the venue, we tried to promote the event as much as we can, online on our socials. We even went out at night to stick posters near colleges and bus stands so that more people would find out about this. Levl9ne: We also rented out the sound systems and the DJ equipment for our shows, because the venue didn't have any good ones. To be honest, we only sold 2 tickets from our first gig and 90% of the people who attended were on the guest list. So, in a nutshell, we spent more than we earned that night, haha!

MI: Out of the 3 shows you did, which one turned out well?

Hellkitty: The first one was the best! I still remember every minute when I played that night. Around 80-90 people showed up which was more than our expectations. Ransom: Honestly, we were expecting around 20-30 people to show up since it was a Wednesday night! Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to shout out all the bassheads who pulled up that night! We also made a lot of new friends who shared the same interests as ours.

screech dubstep riddim

MI: You recently put out a compilation under Screech. Can you tell us more about it?

Levl9ne: The main idea behind the compilation is to showcase upcoming bass music producers from all over India. We asked producers to send their demos to us and we selected tracks from Kalpanik Bass, Rohnix, Mayasur & 10grm. We also included our tracks as well.


MI: What can you guys do to help the upcoming producers?

Ransom: We would like to give upcoming artists the opportunity to perform at our shows so that they can gain experience and exposure. We are also looking forward to hosting podcasts where we talk more about the scene and also do live streams to break down tracks, so that it helps other producers who are interested to learn more about the genre and learn some techniques as well along the way.

screech bass dubstep riddim

MI: So, what do you guys do other than music?

Hellkitty: I'm an engineering graduate! So I work 9-5 at this firm Yokogawa, in Bangalore. Ransom: I'm a full-time Producer/Dj. I also do some freelance UX/UI and Graphic Design work on the side! Levl9ne: I'm a full-time Producer/Dj as well. I ghost produce beats as a side hustle!


MI: What is next for Screech?

Hellkitty: More shows! 

Ransom: Yeah, because we feel like that's the only way to push the scene.

Levl9ne: Yup!


Guys, thank you so much for being so transparent and opening up to our readers. We look forward to seeing you guys host a show so that we can come. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.

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