Sarfaad – Redefining Head-banging

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Sarfaad is a modern math metal outfit hailing from the underbelly of the grimy suburban Bombay, India. Sarfaad, literally means splitting of the head (in Hindi) and it is the band’s core essence to deliver a background score to that. With heavy breakdowns and riffs with an attitude, Sarfaad’s lyrical aggression coupled with pounding drums, they are a sonic revolution. Sarfaad believes in existing on the fringes of genres. The band derives its musical influences from late hardcore, mathcore and metalcore and mixes newer sounds from genres like hip hop, dub and prog.

Anatomy of the Genre

Hard hitting, heavy and talking about the right things. Break a leg on it if you’re upto it. 


The Tremor of Last Release

Sarfaad started out as Sushant’s brainchild. We went over various plural words as the current scene demands, haha. But nothing really set us right and everything seemed half hearted. Sarfaad (सरफाड) imbibes the essence of the band, literally means head splitting in Hindi. That’s just how we perceive our music. 

Lyrically a lot of our inspirations come from within ourselves and the world around us. We’re talking about human emotions in some of our songs and social causes in others. Our songs are always a message to those who heed. 

Target Acquisition

We’re everywhere. Since all our releases have been post the lockdown our main platform for promotion has been social media. There was some international coverage around it so that helped us get some eyes on us too. The amount of love and appreciation we’ve gotten from our peers and music fans is overwhelming for young bands like us. We would definitely like to take our music out to the masses and play our live set. With things settling in we’re already getting offers but as responsible individuals we’d like the world to be a safer place first. 


An Ode to the Roots

I think Bombay city is a huge part of who I am as a person so that seeps in through my work. Sushant has been around quite a bit so you can actually hear or see the variety of influences and knowledge he’s gathered over the years of being a ‘global citizen’. Reeshav and Sanjeet come from proud heritages too. 

Similarly the local scene has pretty much been the driving force for us from the start. The love we got in such a short time is mind blowing. Always grateful. 

Psychological Harvest

Every time and all the time. But it’ll be misleading to say this is all we do. Meanwhile Reeshi and Sanjeeth live and breathe music. Me (Arbaaz) and Sushant are designers, industrial and architecture respectively. The reviews we’ve gotten to the tracks have been pretty exciting. People have made memes based off of lyrics. They’re name dropping us on international forums. Kinda puts things to perspective and gives you that extra push you need to do this kind of music.

Pandemonium Effect

Yes we had plans to accompany our releases with some cross country shows which got canned. In addition to this it slowed down our studio progress massively where we only got a chance to get back to it again this month. 

Indian Footprint

The kind of music we play has always been underground and for a niche crowd. While that necessarily don’t bring you big stream number the love and support we get right now is more loyal and hardcore. I wouldn’t say India doesn’t have a scene for such music coz I grew on this music and I’m constantly seeing it grow but from a more international perspective we need more open minds for accepting heavy music in general be it metal or even industrial. I remember the time dubstep came around everyone was like what is this noise and the next I know it’s a complete hit. So I don’t know, maybe it’s just a matter of doing what you like until you gather enough ears for yourself. I mean Skyharbor, Bloodywood, Demonic Resurrection, Kyrptos are already doing good internationally, it’s only a matter of time Indian metal goes global. 

On the Anvil

We’re done writing our debut EP. Almost all the production for the live shows is in place. We’re getting down to recording the rest of the songs now. There’s a good chance of dropping some material early next year, I don't know if that’s a EP or more singles. We’ve got some merch lined up. All in all we can’t wait to head into 2021, into safer world. 


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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