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Riding the Tide – Jim Rider

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Jim Rider has been a key figure in London’s Electronic Music scene throughout the years as both a producer and promoter. After an extended break from the studio, Jim has revived his artistic drive in incredible fashion. With a recent release on Lee Burridge’s surging Tale & Tone, two tracks on XYZ’s Blanche compilation (a label by When We Dip) as well a release with Kindisch, a full EP on XYZ, upcoming EP with Akbal Music and the launch of his own label "Signs", Rider has the attention of the dance community’s most influential tastemakers.

Jim Rider

The Big Bang

I’ve been a big fan of people like Rodrigeuz JR, Matthew Dekay, Lee Burridge (and All Day I Dream) for a long time and I used to promote the first Anjunadeep parties in London (a long time ago now!) so i’ve always been exposed to more melodic house music. I think naturally as I got older I gravitated towards making “music” over just dancefloor “tracks” if that makes sense. I’m also now just making music I like rather than feeling like I have to fit a particular genre/type, most of my tracks now sound quite different to each other but with a few trademark elements/techniques that knit them together.

XYZ When we Dip


My EP recently released on XYX Label, but the tracks in the EP were made around 18 months ago so it’s great to see them finally released. I released two tracks on theirBlanche compilation at the start of the year and they asked me for a full EP. I’d been waiting for the right label for these tracks and they fit XYZ perfectly. The When We Dip guys (Guthrie in particular) have been so supportive and really helped me to gain exposure over the last 6 months, i’m very grateful to them!

Jim Rider

Target Acquisition

I’d say Soundcloud and Spotify are where most of my plays come from which is great in that thousands of people from across the world can access my music. However, with Spotify especially you get a disgustingly low income for each play. Something seriously needs to be done there as i’m essentially spending a week making a track for people to listen to for free. There is a twitter campaign called #BrokenRecord which explains the issue in detail but it’s definitely the fault of the major labels! I’d urge people to buy music from Bandcamp over anywhere else as most of the proceeds go directly to the artist.

Jim Rider


As I mentioned before the lack of shows has been the most damaging but in terms of releases it hasn’t really changed anything. In fact it’s probably meant people have had more time to listen to my music properly so in that respect it’s been positive. I’ve also had plenty of time to make music which is good, I have 10+ tracks I haven’t even sent out to labels yet. Things are starting to open again here and we’re closer every day to a vaccine so fingers crossed it doesn’t take much longer!

The Rewards

There’s no better feeling than having a dancefloor react to a track you’ve spent hours creating, i’ll never get bored of that! It’s been frustrating lately that all my biggest releases have been out over the last 6 months and we’ve been in lockdown so I’ve had to cancel shows but the reaction to those releases online has been amazing. I’m looking forward to getting on the road ASAP!

Label League

I think my sounds straddles melodic house but with lots of live, world music influences so you’ve obviously got All Day I Dream (plus Lee’s other labels; Tale & Tone and TRYBESof), Anjunadeep, Lost & Found, Keinemusik etc but i’m loving the output from places like Akbal Music, Klassified, Kindisch, Sol Selectas, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Stil Vor Talent, Radiant etc. I’ll stop there as I could do this all day! haha

On The Anvil

My next release is August 7th and is an album of various artists on my label SIGNS with all proceeds going to the WHO COVID-19 Relief Fund, helping those worst affected by the virus. I have a track soon on a compilation from a new label from a well known London promoter, I won’t say who as they haven’t launched yet. Then in September I have an EP on Akbal Music which I’m really excited about and is some of my best work I feel. There are also a couple of big releases I can’t talk about just yet but there is a lot to come over the next year!

2 Cents!

I don’t really have a “2 cents” as such but just want to say I hope to play in India as soon as the world reopens. Shout out to the Indian crew I met when I played at the Anjunadeep Explorations festival last summer, they were always first on the dancefloor and the last to leave!


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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