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One of the voices from the popular 90s band Aryans, is that of Sadasivan KM Nambisan aka Sadu. Vocalist, lyricist, composer and a founder member of the famous erstwhile pop act, is best associated with popular love hits. Carrying forward the legacy of hummable melodies from Aryans, - Sadu seeks to bring back the era of “good music with simple melodies and nice lyrics.” Sadu, came back after a short gap with his solo single titled Mausam, in December 2019. The track received lakhs of hits across streaming platforms and was recorded with live instruments and no programming whatsoever, in contrast to the trend of the recordings practices prevalent nowadays. 


The Inspiration

Sadu is inspired by great poetry, timeless old creations by musical legends, amazing weather and nuture that is evident is his productions. Not discounting today’s need for original music inspires Sadu toward great productions. "Since I write, compose, sing and produce myself and didn’t want anyone (Filmy of course) to tamper with any of my work, I express my feelings, my experiences and philosophies through music and the indi-pop genre was the best to showcase it"


Us Chhaon Ko Tarsoge Tum

Last winter I came up with Mausam, a typical romantic track which went places and for the Valentine’s Day I came up with yet another romantic song in punjabi - Hor Kinne Suboot Lyawaan. I am an environmentalist I have done masters in Organic Chemistry with specialisation in environmental science. As a responsible human I owe a lot to the nature hence the poetry evolved Us Chanv Ko Tarsoge Tum.

This rendition was was born out of both hope and hopelessness and a sense of frustration towards us human beings and our blatant disregard for nature. Nothing else I speak of at this moment is really relevant I strongly feel, politics cinema, music or even economy. Because the pandemic should really make us think and think hard about the need to respect our planet and takes corrective steps towards conservation, because our lives literally do depend on it.


Seeds of BollyWood

I have never appreciated playback singing or songs in films. How can you lipsync to the song. You look like a jerk! That’s the reason for the pathetic state of both music and films in India. Most of the New independent artists are infected by Bollywood’s deep seeds-  doing remixes and cannot seem to get out of that bracket but there are many good independent artists as well who are doing good music.


Psychological ROI

Independent music career in India of course is a roller coaster, it tests your patience in the worst way. I own a pharmaceutical company which definitely helps stay independent of those stresses to a fair degree which in turn helps me in creating my kinda music and staying true to my ideas.


Work-Life Balance

Music is a kind of kick, music creation for me is an addiction. As age goes by your commitment towards your profession and family expands, still you get wiser and matured enough to manage time for your private, professional and musical life. As a matter of fact it’s the choice you opt for, if you want to do something in music you have to work hard to make your way to the top. Let your zest trigger the passion for music in you to fulfill  your dreams.


India's Global Footprint

First of all there is actually not much a proper Music Industry in India, the small fraternity which calls themselves so, is a byproduct of and over shadowed by the Film Industry. The music companies as well are ruthlessly in support of the pathetic playback practice which is the biggest curse for Indian music.

This is the only reason Independent music and artist of India aren’t getting what they deserve in comparison to the European countries and United States of America where Independent genre of music is a separate and self-sustaining entity and non-film music is available to listen to. Their movies don’t ride on songs and visa-versa. It can only change when the audience retaliates and demands for (also supports)  better music, when their understanding for good music grows and the Music Companies and Media come in full support for the Independent Music.

The Ace

I really wish for more and more Independent artists to stand by their ideas and their kind of music so they can continue to provide more options for  good listening to the audience. The greatness and worth of a life is not the age or how long you lived or what properties and money you made, but what influence, impression, shadow you left on another person, what you have given to the world, what others learned from you from your life. Then you become larger than life. There are two types of people in this world:  Takers and Givers. Takers eat well and Givers sleep well, you all may choose. There is a lot of social responsibility on the youths strong shoulders. The need is to love and not to share hatred and of course to save our planet - that is a priority. Let's begin to make India a better and bigger nation.

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. Hope to be at one of your performances soon.

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