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Poetik Justis And You

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Born 17th February 1993, it would take Vineet Nair only 14 years of his natural  life to realize his true calling – Hip-Hop Music. Stepping into the scene at a time  where there were a negligible number of Hip-Hop artists, his artistic journey started 6 years later, being just 20 years old and perfecting the art of rap.  Dropping his debut mix-tape “Lifelines” gained him a lot of ears across the Indian masses, but he wanted more, he wanted their hearts.  And at age 23, he dropped his debut studio album – “Greatness” (2015). This album  would go down as essential listening for Hip-Hop enthusiasts and casual  listeners across the country.


The Push or Pull

The culture of Hip-Hop has always had a lure to it for me. Ever since I started listening to the music and finding insights into the lyrics, I've been wanting to express and explore myself through this art-form.

Anatomy of the Genre

My sounds can range from mellow and melodic to raging and hardcore rap. If they're a fan of anything artistic, they will instantly connect to my vision. I love making quality music expressing stories in my life and my thoughts/concepts. And maybe they will like that too.

The First one

My first ever experience of a live performance was at a club called Manchester United club in Mumbai. It wasn't a jam packed club, I had a few friends along with me on that day, it was fun performing and the people really vibed to it. I didn't expect anything huge to happen, but it gave me the confidence to explore and improve as a performer as well.

poetik justis

The Latest to Drop

BREATHE was an idea that shaped itself to a new album coming soon. It was recorded and set for release just a month before the lockdowns, but the thought was made even more impactful given current situations. The real challenge was shaping the story of what the song was about to be a part of next.

Target Acquisition

My biggest challenge is to first execute the idea and everything else in its place. I'm not that heavy on the marketing side of things, and there are more than a few demographics in this country that might not relate to the kind of music that I make. But the ones that do stick around know what my scene is and I'm grateful for that.

poetik justis

Psychological Harvest

There's ups and downs in everything creative. Some are good days, some are bad days, and some days are terrible. I've never dwelt long on the choices I've made and I've also started working on my art like it's day one - Learning is a never ending process.

Pandemonium Effect

I was trying to finish one of my masterpieces this year - an album called Kala Pani - but seeing that this was a performance based album I had to delay it to a future date.

Indian Footprint

India is potentially a great market for Hip-Hop music. We have stellar emcees already within its first decade of existence here and with all the connections being formed globally, our market is expanding itself as well.

On the Anvil

As of this moment, there's a new concept album coming up this year. All I can say is that this album would not have existed had it not been for the year that was, and that this is sonically very different from anything I've done before.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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