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Orbiting Through Melodies – Mila Journée

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Mila Journée is a DJ and music producer on the rise in the electronic scene and is appointed as a new Brazilian talent. She released her first track in early 2017 and in this short period already has a sizable catalog, with over 150 tracks released, including labels such as Ritter Butzke Studio (Germany), Awen Records (Spain), ICONYC (USA), Duenia Records (Turkey), Wout Records (Italy) and many more.

Mila Journee

Orbiting in Melodies

The Orbital EP was an invitation from the guys of V/AGE label in Portugal. It has two original tracks and two remixes. One of the remixes is actually from two wonderful Indian producers, AB+ and Nakul C. The other remix is from the talented Portuguese producer Madd Rod. My inspiration was to make people dance, so thinking about the crowd's vibration for each element produced, was perhaps my biggest inspiration for this EP.


I love being in the studio producing, so it’s a happy day. In general, what inspires me is the dance floor, as I said, but I am also inspired by moments of introspection and inner search.

Pandemonium Effect

I had dates scheduled to play in Brazil and abroad, which had to be canceled. But I believe that we will discover a new way to continue and new modes of presentation are already emerging. Anyway, many challenges ahead. I have spent a lot of time in the studio producing a lot, remixes and collabs as well as new EPs owing to this lock-down. 

Mila Journee

Push or Shove

Because since I was young I have a passion for music, at the age of sixteen I ran a program on the radio, I was always connected to communication and music.

Label Grind

It is getting more and more difficult, because the record companies specialize more and more, due to having many good producers, that is, it is not enough for you to produce a good melodic techno track and think that you will release on such a label, your track needs to fit what the label is looking for and be very lucky.

Mila Journee

Dream Label

Impossible to choose five. There are many good record labels and different perspectives by which they are great. I Would say my dream label is the one I'm going to open in the near future, because I'm sure it comes with a lot of creative freedom.

On the Anvil

There's a lot of good stuff coming. Many releases throughout the semester and we are waiting for the reopening to be able to confirm the dates that are aligned. In the meantime, we’ll have Mind-Matter’s livestream series, The Next Wave, on September 5th. In the lineup: Arude, me, Rafael Cerato and Omar Khalifa. I take the opportunity to leave here the invitation for everyone to watch this broadcast and also check out the new releases that are coming. And finally I want to thank MelodyInsider for inviting me to this interview. ????❤️


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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