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Nowhere But Here

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Push Comes to Shove

I guess the type of music I listen to and the artist I follow, collectively have played a role in influencing the type of music I make. So “Nowhere but Here” the name has been a very resonating part of my life, the story behind it means “ you don’t have to go anywhere else to be loved, supported or accepted, all of that is here right next to you and in your heart, those who value you will always be close to you no matter how far they are, they will always be “Nowhere but Here” and that is in your heart.

Anatomy of the Genre

I would describe it as electronic music with diverse, lush sounds, heavy bass, airy vocals and tight grooves, with a plot twist. In emotions I would describe it as energetic, melancholy and nostalgic. 

nowhere but here

The latest to Drop That’s All I know

So my track “That’s All I know” is heavily influenced by future beats, I’ve been listening to a lot of future beat music currently and I love the vibe it portrayed. I got really inspired from certain future beat artists and their techniques. The funny thing is I made 70% of the track when I was travelling, I didn’t even have my complete gear then but, when ideas hit they hit and go away, so it’s better to store them somewhere, right? And that’s what I did, sure the vocals had to be recorded at my place but the wait was worth it.      

Target Audience

I usually send my music to my friends, family and artists whom I look up-to. Initially as I made my place on Soundcloud, I came across many different types of communities in music, through which I got ways of finding my target audience. Whatever audience I achieved yet, is a result of my constant supporters vibing and sharing my music. The problem that I struggle with is “where else can I send my music?”   

Puddles or Hurdles

I feel in order to be successful, struggling is a huge part of the journey. Each hurdle teaches a lesson and gives space for improvement. Sure, there are some really low times during the struggle, but that doesn’t stop me from moving ahead. 

nowhere but here

An Ode to the Roots

I have seen a lot of great talents grow and develop in front me, seeing so much of talent has inspired me to make the music I make today. Since I started uploading music on Soundcloud, I gained some support from my friends and family. As I started posting more and more music, the number of listeners increased. I started getting gigs and my music got featured on local blogs, through which I gained more support from others who still help me till this day. 

nowhere but here

Psychological Harvest

I feel I’ve become more confident about myself. What my career choice has taught me is, goals don’t have any limit, the only thing that limits you is your mindset and that’s something which is very crucial to know for everyone, be it being in music or any other profession. No, I’ve never had second guesses.  


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Club


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