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Melody Insider Speaks to Rishaad Chaudhry About All Things Music and his New Single “Sad Reel”

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Rishaad Chaudhry, since his early years possessed a deep love for music, singing & strumming the guitar. But the casual pursuit turned into ‘go to’ activity while he was locked in like the rest of the world during the pandemic. And, it was also his saviour from the anxiousness and monotony of the situation along with the digital overdose.

What would you be doing today if not for this interview? 

For starters, I would be doing college work with a lot of procrastination. As the day progresses, I will sit on my laptop and browse through YouTube to find beats which I like, and would fit best with the next song on my mind. This process usually lasts for a long time, as I spend time listening to numerous beats and looking for more producers to work with.  

If you were to introduce your music and genre to someone unaware of your music, how would you? 

My music is unique as I want to explore different kinds of music styles instead of sticking to one specific genre. My music, whether it is melody or lyrics, have an important message and meaning behind them which I wish to convey to my audience through my own life experiences. However, at the same time they are also spontaneous and extremely personal. The genre of music I am interested in is extremely up and coming. It has taken a surge in the past two years specifically with artists like Anuv Jain paving the way for diversified artists trying to make a difference and move away from the traditional approach to music that has been seen in India so far. It is extremely futuristic in nature and there’s immense scope for growth and increased reach, the more the target audience is familiarised and introduced to the concept of Indie/folk music.  

Tell us something about your latest single. Inspiration behind the name and the project. 

My latest release, “Sad Reel ”is a heartfelt description of a troublesome life, which keeps oscillating between a variety of things I’ve gone through. I talk about things that are lately wanting me to live in isolation so that I can live in my own peaceful space, betrayals from close people in life has contributed towards, as I talk about in the song. It goes on to capture the pain I felt on realising the love I was receiving was fake and also the fear of failure in music, which made me anxious. The inspiration for the name is drawn from the lyrics of the song, “Then they probably save that sad reel”, where ‘they’ is a representation of someone who has hurt and betrayed their loved one, but behaves like a victim. 

One artist you’d like to collaborate with, but you know it’s not the right time now. 

Powfu. He has always been my inspiration for creating a unique style of music that is personal to me, as his music is personal to him as well. His music genre is Lo-Fi which is one of my own favourite styles of music to create as well as listen to. It will be a great honour to collaborate and learn more about the genre as well as the way he makes his songs which are so distinctive. I believe in order to work with him, I need to grow as an artist first and find my way around my music so as to make the most of such a collaboration. 

According to you, what does it take to earn the acclaimed badge of “Established Artist”?

An artist who can reach such a level wherein he is able to earn money and fame through doing something they love, is what I would call an “Established Artist”. I believe this shows real growth and development in an artist when their music reaches such heights so as to be able to support their living. It shows true passion and dedication and I myself wish to reach this level. 

Your Highlight performance till date and why so?

I have had multiple releases till date, however, I believe there is much more to come for me in order to call one my “Highlight” performance. My previous releases have been quite successful and I am extremely proud of the audience they have attracted but as I grow as an artist and my taste in music develops, I believe my highlight performance is just a few steps away. 

An artist’s Best Friend is? 

According to me, an artist’s best friend is consistency. Without consistency, an artist can never truly be successful as it needs patience and dedication, along with multiple tries for a song to come alive in its best form. It takes consistency to be constantly releasing songs for their audience. It is the only way to grow and develop, in terms of statistics as well as the artist’s own image and musical career. 

What was the first ever instrument you played?

The guitar was the first equipment I ever played. It has inspired me as during quarantine, it was the only instrument available to me in my room. More than an instrument, it was my motivation to create songs as in lockdown, as there was not much else to do. Stuck in my room, I was really done with the technology. The only thing I looked up to was my Guitar. So, I tried to make music and it led me to where I am today. It inspired me to use my time in lockdown to spend time on my passion and the area I began to discover I have real potential in. 

How has your place of Origin been an influence on your music?

My place of origin has influenced the genre of music I have been creating in the past year. Gurgaon is a place wherein hip hop culture and mainstream music is extremely popular and this also guided my way towards making music of such styles. As my music resonated with the interest of Gen-Z and their music taste, I garnered a wide range of support from an audience that is my age. The support was extremely overwhelming and special, and has allowed me to be more confident about my abilities as a musician. 

How are the psychological rewards in this career you have chosen? 

The psychological rewards in this career can vary. It involves positive as well as negative feedback and reviews which may not always be rewarding. However, to realise the effect a song can have on a wide range of audience is incredibly honourable and special. The appreciation from people all around has a thrill of its own and is indeed rewarding. It allows you to stay motivated and keep creating music. It serves as a reminder of an artist’s effect on people. 

An artist whose music according to you is attracting international attention which is going to propel the industry’s growth. 

Armaan Malik is an artist who has been attracting international attention as he has been working and collaborating with several international artists. Korean-American artist Eric Nam, and platinum music producer KSHMR, came together with Armaan Malik to release the song ‘Echo’, which has received great attention and popularity by people all around the world. Armaan Malik is on the billboards of various countries and has shown true potential in the recent months amongst the international community. 

If we speak to you again exactly this date 5 years from now, How different are all the above answers going to be?

In terms of the answers which would change, I hope I can reach the level so as to be able to collaborate with the musician I look up to the most. The answers regarding the kind of music I make will remain constant, although there will be changes in terms of growth and creativity. The answers I believe will not be much different except I will have gained more experience and knowledge about my field and the kind of artists I wish to become. 

If we speak to you again exactly on this date 5 years from now, your answer to which question would remain unchanged? 

The answer that will remain unchanged is that of my past experiences, my inspiration for having started releasing songs, and all the milestones which have given me the confidence to aspire to become a musician.

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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Sad Reel is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded above.

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