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Melody Insider Exclusive – Songdew Winner – Shreyas & The Skinners

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We Sifted through a bucket load of amazing tracks submitted to Songdew by artists for a chance to win a feature on Melody Insider. The Shreyas & The Skinners is one such artist/Band who’s track stood out for what is undoubtedly a meritorious one. And since the track is what made Shreyas & The Skinners one of the winners, we bring forth this interview which talks about, among other things, the very track that got him here.

Congratulations on being selected as Winner of the Songdew contest. Tell us about the song that you submitted.

One of the songs I submitted is ‘Ohio’ from our debut Album ‘ Flux’. The song lies on the very thin line between Country & Folk and tells the tale of unrequited love in the Great American State of Ohio. The vibe is melancholy and feels like an old grandad relating the tale of the times of his youth to his Grandchildren. The Moving A-B bassline behind the opening D chord came to me first and I wrote the lyrics over it line by line. The Chorus Chord progression and the fill between the verses also came naturally as I played the song more times. The lyrics came from the time when I wrote it when I had met a wonderful girl, who I thought was out of my league and I didn’t plan on asking her out. Surprisingly, today all these years later, she and I are together.

How did you come to know about Songdew and the contest? What made you participate in it?

I came to know about Songdew while researching about marketing of our Debut Album. I made a profile on it and started participating in opportunities. I feel that it is a very democratic way for new artists to reach Media/Influencer outlets where the only criteria for selection is good music.

If you were to introduce your music and genre to someone unaware of your music, how would you?

Our music is an amalgamation of Music in the USA between 1960s-1990s, heavily inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Stevie ray Vaughan, John Denver, The allman Brothers band yet surprisingly original in its own way creating a new genre of sorts. I like to call it ‘Flux’

How long have you been singing, producing and/or performing?

I have been performing since my college days when I first learned the Guitar. Being an Author of 5 Traditionally Published books, the writing bug was deep in me and I soon went the songwriting way. My first band in College was called ‘Lucid’ and we wrote and performed a few Originals & some covers in some local competitions. After graduation, I didn’t get a chance to play music as I didn’t have the time to go and meet fellow musicians and jam with them. But after COVID-19, my eyes opened to the possibilities of remote collaboration and what a boon it could provide to interested musicians like me who were unable to be physically together with other musicians to bring a song to life.

Our First Album titled ‘Flux’ was produced fully remotely and all musicians including me recorded their parts in their own homes. All songs were composed and written by me.

Tell us something about your latest single.

“Flux’ is our debut Album, recorded remotely in the COVID 19 Pandemic period. It was inspired from our shared love of music in the USA between 1960-1990. The word ‘Flux’ symbolizes a state of constant motion and that’s how we like to describe our music.

One artist you’d like to collaborate with, but you know it’s not the right time now?

I’d like to Collaborate with Any of the Old greats who are alive now. After watching Get back (2021), I highly resonated with the songwriting process of Paul Mccartney as I more or less follow the same process. He is one I dream about jamming with many times.

According to you, what does it take to earn the acclaimed badge of “Established Artist”?

It takes a lot of marketing & consistency. You need to keep playing, and you need to keep recording and if your content is good, a few years down the line you’d be there.

How has your place of Origin been an influence on your music?

My place of Origin has not affected me much as I am most moved by Rock n Roll & Blues and Western music of the 1960s-1990s which I connected with through the internet. Mostly, the type of music we play is not liked or appreciated in my local region but we know that it is the same music that used to top the charts in USA between 1960-1990

How are the psychological rewards in this career you have chosen?

The dopamine release from listening to the final version of the song compares to nothing else. 

An artist whose music according to you is attracting international attention which is going to propel the industry’s growth.

I really like the music of John Mayer, and what he does with the guitar and how he is trying to keep the old blues alive. I think John Mayer has a lot more to showcase and will one day rejuvenate the long lost love of gold ole rock and roll & Blues.

If we speak to you again exactly this date 5 years from now, How different are all the above answers going to be?

They’d be more or less the same, only we would have released more Albums and hopefully, the world would be listening to Rock n Roll & blues more.

If we speak to you again exactly on this date 5 years from now, your answer to which question would remain unchanged?

To almost all of them, because our music may be in flux, but all of us are firmly grounded people.

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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