Man Goes Human

Man Goes Human at the Helm of A New Video

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Man Goes Human gets to the helm of a very different and challenging project with an innovative fashion startup called Leather Subculture, which is into Leather fashion, fetish and utility. The end result is a new Indie Electronic track and video to ignite the serotonin endorphin spark.

How did this collaboration/Project come to you, the band? 

Our manager, Teejay (Insta- @teejay026) has a knack of unearthing gems such as these, he got the project for us (as he also did with the Netflix original- Extraction)! He tries to push us to do something unique every now & then (spolier: something NEW coming soon!)

When you had the brief about the project, what was your reaction and what was the first thought?

We weren’t sure if we could pull this off as our work is very indie. But Randhir from Subculture (insta @leathersubculture) was very helpful in guiding us through his vision.

What is the rationale behind the name? What is the inspiration?

“Helm means ‘wheel’. So the idea was to showcase the full lifestyle of the brand Subculture as Fashion, Fetish & Utility. While the main lead in the music video, Nayanika, is at the wheel (helm) of the night, she is driving the night into the unknown adventure of Subculture. That starts from her, getting started with the day when she wakes up in bed alone, getting ready, gets to a club, meets strangers and ends the night with people around her as you will see the start shot and end shot.”

What challenges did the band foresee in making a track for this brief?

Merging both indie and electronic together was a challenge, maintaining a certain contrasting consistency across the music was something that we had to think over quite a lot. We collaborated with NAOS (insta @rightnaos) on this & loved combining both the worlds.

How easy or difficult was it to draft the lyrics and compose the track? How did it amalgamate with the video shot and directed?

Lyrics are never quite a hassle, words flow easily when we know what’s the direction, though making them naughty was a relishing experience! The video was also planned based on the music we composed. Composing 2 parts in silos gave the director a cue how to spin the tale in the music video too.

Did any band member perform in the video? If so, how was the experience? If not, why and wouldn’t one volunteer?

The brand’s a startup, so they didn’t have a budget to fly us out! Yes, Kaprila (insta: keishingkaprila) volunteered (she’s also a model and a professional dancer). We’re shooting another one with her now!

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

Our pleasure guys! And thanks to you for doing what you are doing, means a lot! See you soon!

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