NIkhil Swaroop

Kaun Tu, By Nikhil Swaroop

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Nikhil Swaroop's latest single is a dream-like composition strung with guitar melodies touching the heart strings. 

"Kaun Tu" is Nikhil's latest that dropped on the airwaves on 6th November 2020 and is available for streaming/downloading across all major streaming platforms.  Kaun Tu is a song that is open to interpretation. Its story remains unclear whether the singer is reminiscing about someone in the past or if he’s dreaming throughout the song about finding someone special that he hopes to meet one day. Nikhil quotes “Music can be really powerful as every song holds a different meaning to an individual and I write my music in such a way that it can be interpreted differently by people who have gone through various life experiences and that’s the beauty about songwriting. 

NIkhil Swaroop

 ‘Kaun Tu’ was originally an acoustic track written and composed by Nikhil Swaroop and lyrics by UK based poet Alisha Bardai, however it turned into something bigger when producer Pranav Pahwa came onboard who is one of India’s finest guitar players and has played the lead guitars on the track as well. The song is also co-produced by one of Delhi’s best producers in Abhishek Sekhri who is the founder of Kintsugi Studios where the song was recorded, mixed and mastered.

The Backing vocals on the track are sung by another upcoming hindi fusion artist in Samahita Narang and drums by Dan Thomas who is has played with some of the biggest bands in India.


Enjoy this latest release from Nikhil Swaroop as we continue a journey with him for more music.



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