The Karnivool Chronicles

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Revolution is a chaotic and unbalanced affair. It challenges the state of things and, for those who revolt against the status quo, it bears both great risk and greater reward. These truths are as vital in art as they are in any other realm and it is within these redefining forces that Australian hard-rock architects Karnivool thrive. With their acclaimed 2005 debut ‘Themata’ and 2009’s ground breaking follow-up ‘Sound Awake’, Karnivool established themselves as one of the most vital forces in progressive modern music

Meet The Band

Ladies and gentlemen, we are a bunch of humans doing what we love, music is quite the passion for us and we are in love with it. Collectively we are Karnivool, but as individuals of the greater good we are Jon, Steve, Drew, Kenny and Hoss. Jon has fat strings and keeps us in groove, Steve is our chronology master, Drew and I cover the mid ground with trills & fluff and Kenny is our lyrical wizard.

The Journey Hitherto

The band’s first release was a weird little purple CD not many people have these days (thankfully!). Persona after that was an EP, but the band as it is today came together around Themata and Sound Awake. Looking back on the journey and the time I do think we have come very far as people and as musicians and as a group and in general. It’s funny looking back on yourself, at times you see enormous amounts of growth personally
and developmentally, and at other times you just see the same crazy kids doing what they love without any idea of the “hows” or “whys” - I think both are still very important.


A Seed Sown

Kenny, Drew and Jon were a high school band of sorts that stuck together, I came on about a year before Themata came together and Steve we poached after Themata was released. I think what brought everyone together for this project was a joint vision on what music could be and we saw in each others beings a desire to turn over as many musical rocks as we could without going crazy. Not sure if we didn’t go crazy, maybe.

An Ode to the Roots

Perth’s (Western Australia) music scene has always been a hot spot of great people, great support and great music. So many great bands have evolved around the same time as we have and we are lucky to class most of them as friends and associates. Australia in general has always been very supportive of what we do and the style of music we produce has been a big part of music in Australia, thankfully we have been extremely well supported pulling this thing together and continue to be so all around the world. Humble thank you!


Consistently Adapting to Change

Marketing, not much! Although I think we have adapted well to the changing times and changing audience. Production wise we have a promise to ourselves in this band to never make the same album twice, which sounds generic but really just means we don’t want to get comfortable with a sound or style or feel. The music, indeed the whole concept of the band, is one of challenge on every level possible, we are always exploring different sounds and feels. For current recordings we are working on what feels like some parts of it as reflections of older sounds but even in that we are careful never to repeat ourselves.


Ace Inspired

Absolutely everywhere. Not always in music, inspiration often comes from simple things. A lot in mathematics and science as these are passion areas of ours. The way maths and science are underlying principles for beauty and elegance will always intrigue us. Also books, music, people.. everything is inspiration. We are always moving studios when we feel we have sucked the expression out of a space, likely it is just our minds we have emptied but we blame the space… Always concentrate on the problems you can solve I say!!


Psychological Harvest

Surprisingly always! There were other careers, other projects, other things to sink our time into and music MUST be a passion, because it is a serious investment of time and your mental state. Not saying this project has driven us insane.. but this project one day will likely drive us insane! But it just couldn’t be any other way, we are our own worse enemies. I’m sure we could pump out an album every year or so and make a solid living, spend our odd days sitting on a beach somewhere sipping Piña Coladas.. but on the inside we would be dead and the smiling tanned faces driving Mercedes to and from our fourth holiday house would be covering the skeletal internals of human beings left empty from not following their passion.

Target Acquisition

The digital age has changed everything, you either embrace it or spend years whinging about it. These is a natural evolution in the music industry and you have to make the most of them I think. There are positives in there amongst the absolute pummeling of musicians rights and incomes, hence the complaining. Will be extremely interesting to see where it goes in the future, hopefully we can ride the wave.

Drummers who Inspire

As individuals we have such diverse tastes in music, but as a group we come together on bands like Meshuggah/Tomas Haake, Soundgarden/Matt Cameron, Stone Temple Pilots/Eric Kretz. There are some amazing drummers out there - Peter Gabriel is a large influence on me personally - the list is long and varied day to day.

On the Anvil

We will finish this fourth album at some point, not going to say when.. it will be ready when we are happy with it and all is done, but it’s really starting to take shape now. Time is a funny thing for us.
And touring as soon as we possibly can!! We miss touring so much and playing shows, it was our blood and soul so we cannot wait to be doing it again.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a concert.

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