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Inalab is the assimilation of Gaurav Balani's (Bassist/Composer - Parikrama/Shubha Mudgal/Aditi Singh Sharma) journey as a bassist/producer for several staggering Indie/Mainstream artists. The idea is to collaborate with as many musicians as possible and release experimental music like never before. Bringing varied artists together and binding their sound with a unique blend of Orchestral/Electronic/Pop element has been the theme behind Inalab's 8 single releases since 2016. Our collaborators include members of Indian Ocean, Advaita, Euphoria, Indus Creed & Skyharbor along with artists like Shubha Mudgal, Apeksha Dandekar and Randy Slaugh.
As of 2019, Inalab turned into a band consisting of Shruti Dhasmana (Vocals), Archit Anand (Keys), Shashank Singhania (Flute) and Suyash Gabriel (Drums) along with Gaurav Balani. Our debut EP - 'The Commons'  was released on April 15th, 2020. It was voted in the list of Best Debut and Best Independent Music of 2020 by 'A Humming Heart.

Anatomy of the Genre

It’s very hard to classify Inalab under any particular genre because our music encompasses a lot of styles. But, if we have to label it under anything, it would be appropriate to call ourselves Experimental Orchestral/Electronica/Pop.

Latest to Drop

Our latest single - Khwaab (remastered) features Shubha Mudgal, Tarun Balani, Aditya Balani, Nipun Cheema and Suhail Yusuf Khan. These people are some of the most amazing and talented artists I’ve had the good fortune of working with over the years. This song is essentially for the dreamers. People who aren't afraid to put themselves out there for something they truly believe in, no matter how impossible it might seem. The lyrics simply state that your dreams can lead the way to the future you desire. 

Target Acquisition

To be honest, I’m really not sure of the algorithms beyond a point. But I’m aware that getting featured on an editorial playlist really boosts your streams on these platforms. We got a lot of support from Apple Music and Spotify for our debut EP - ‘The Commons’, as we were literally placed in over 6 playlists (national and international) between these two platforms and our streams have been consistent ever since.

During the pandemic a lot of artists had no option but to release their music to stay connected with their audience. The influx of music on all the platforms kind of made it hard to stand out especially because of the sheer talent that exists in our industry. Apart from that, it takes a while to build a ‘fan base’ but we’re very happy with the way our music has been received and the overwhelming support that we’ve been given since our inception.

HIghlights of Inalab

Our third official show which was at ‘Basement takeover’ was definitely the best show we’ve done so far. Since Inalab was a solo project before it became a band. I had always taken it as a session thing with the musicians that I would perform for the first two shows, but for this gig the line up was sorted and it felt like a band from the word go. The rehearsals were hectic but really rewarding. On stage we had a chemistry that can’t be replicated with session artists. We played to a packed house and the energy was something we had never experienced before.

An Ode to the Roots

For me, growing up in Delhi has definitely shaped me as the musician that I am today. Inalab’s first single was about a violent episode that I witnessed in the park right outside my house. Whether it’s good or bad, it all comes from your experiences in life and where you live. Growing up and having found my interest in music from a young age was definitely a big asset to my learning experience. My parents always encouraged me to learn music formally. I had many friends in the vicinity who had similar interests musically. Delhi is one of the major cities in our country and definitely a big part of the Indian music industry. That aspect did help me gain a lot of exposure as someone who was trying to find his ground in this field very early on in my life.

Psychological Harvest

The psychological rewards definitely precede the monetary ones. The kind of music that we put out has a very niche audience but they really care about the art that you put out. It would definitely be amazing to see the audience grow and share the same rewards as the mainstream artists but I feel that this grind isn’t exclusive just to independent artists. The industry in general is vast and it’s not just about the talent anymore. Due to the advent of the internet, everyone has a platform right inside their houses. Your hustle and consistency play a key role in the amount of success you experience in most cases. It can be really overwhelming at times and I have thought about alternate career options only due to the pressures of this industry but that feeling usually lasts a very short period of time. There is a lot more that I get back from the music that I play and compose than just monetary compensation.

Indian Footprint

Honestly, India doesn’t even come close statistically just due to the sheer number of people that live in our country. It’s mostly due to the fact that our music is (mostly) written in a language which the majority of people don’t get to learn and the vast cultural divide between the ‘metropolitan cities’ and the ‘rural/underdeveloped cities’. Having said that, the acceptance for this kind of genre has grown by leaps in bounds ever since I’ve been a part of the ‘industry’. It may not be financially viable to just live off your own music but that’s the case even in the continents that you’ve mentioned. In my opinion, the overall infrastructure of the country makes the biggest difference for the kind of the profession we’re in. India is going to take a while to catch up with the west on that front.

On the Anvil

With Inalab, we’ve remastered all of our initial releases and we’re distributing it to all the platforms digitally since the music was only available on Youtube. We’re also working on our second EP and a new music video that was shot recently in Prague.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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