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The aural language of Audio Units is a discourse to comprehend abstract concepts  of science, mathematics, and the subconscious. An auricular confession that asks  for a little more from the mature listener: to submit themselves; to be satiated  with less; for the musical payoffs may be harder to discern but ultimately more  gratifying. 

The Units are brothers Ashwin and Ashrith who spend their time together visiting  the deepest realms of techno huddled over their machines and drawing  inspiration from science fiction, spatial geometry, architecture, and nature. Their  obsession with electronic sounds goes back to the noise of ’80s video games and  early introduction to computer programming. 

The Spark of an Inferno and Beyond

I (Ashwin) started DJ’ing during the early 2000’s when I played solo as Inferno. The drive just came out of the desire to share music that I was pretty sure no one else had access to around me at that time. Then eventually when we started Audio Units in 2010, it was just a natural evolution that followed to further the craft, so instead of doing a typical DJ set we started to build on a hybrid set format where Ashrith adds a degree of tactile improvisation with his electronic instruments and synthesizers to the DJ set that I play.

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The tremors of the Last Release

‘Planetary Metadata’ released on 18th of December, it was one of the first few tracks we wrote last year making a gradual shift to a more machine driven and faster stripped down sound from our prior melodic stuff. The inspiration just came from a squelching sound that Ashrith had designed while messing around with Serum, the sound was so cool and inspiring that we build a track around it in a few hours (as we always like to think our best works take the least amount of time). The name is spin on us humans being the metadata that the planet will leave behind centuries later for someone to be able to decipher what took place here.

We have been extensively testing out the track in our DJ sets last year and it’s finally landed on a very nice label and comes out as a part of a massive compilation with some amazing techno artists on BAHN Records.

Young Cadets, Hear Hear!

Just make sure the music is good, and it’ll market itself. Before you think of what else is wrong, start with if your music could be better, just make that your single point of focus and you’ll see there’s nothing else to brave though than accepting each day that you’ve got more room to improve.

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The Bad Bacteria

Honestly, there are so many practices that could be abolished when it comes to payment terms, flyer approvals and what not but everyone has their own valid reasons for why they work the way they do. It’s very surprising at first some of the things that come up from time to time when handling artist bookings and tours with Afterworx. 

The Good Bacteria

I think it's a sense of community. Although many other industries have it too, it's more compartmentalized in the music industry and to put it aptly, some of the best people we’ve known in our life, we’ve encountered them though music and build rapport and connections for a lifetime, which probably does not occur so much in non-entertainment related industries.

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Indian Footprint

There’s a plethora of amazing producers that make really good, authentic techno albeit smaller than the barrage of their mainstream counterparts. It’s just that Europe has some of the best venues the world has to offer for techno. That’s the only thing lacking, other than that Indian certainly has the world-class artist, no doubt.

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Psychological Harvest

Until you learn to discover yourself by looking inwards, this career can turn out to be a psychological nightmare. The lockdown was the greatest blessing to us, to be able to take that time out on figuring what was important and what was not. We had a chance to work with the basics and make the most out of it. Other than that in general, the greatest reward is the indescribable feeling you encounter after playing a really good gig or finishing music. Actually, for that matter, even just being involved in the process of creation is just the most rewarding thing regardless of the outcome.

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On the Anvil

“Up for us down the road” sounds like we’re riding on a sine wave, but you’ll see some signs of things to come. We’re very excited about a three track EP that is due early 2021 with a remix from one of our favourite techno artists. We’ll also be making our debut on Observant in Jan 2021 on a compilation with some really good music from 7 other artists.



Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at your next gig.

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