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Trish Complete – Her House is Your House

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DJs can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one DJ Trish. Born and bred in, currently residing in London, DJ Trish began hitting the ground in the music realm during the summer of 2012. She quickly honed her craft behind the turntables to find her niche. Since then, she has manifested into an versatile and multifaceted DJ who has been spinning her take on EDM with elements from many genre including Deep House, Tech House, and Underground House Music. 

Drawing inspiration from the 90s era of House music, Trish’s music stems from a vast array of influences including industry heavyweights like Todd Terry, Nadia Ali, Tall Paul, Feddle Grand and many more. Since taking her dynamic turntable abilities to the stage, DJ Trish has performed at notable clubs including Ministry of Sound, Pacha and Egg in London, Light Box, and many boat parties in Westminster. This year has been phenomenal year as she nailed her Remix with Roland Clark a.k.a ‘Voice of House Music’ Top DJ/Producer and Vocalist in the US. Trish earned support for this track from known big names in House music like Todd Terry, Marshall Jefferson, Siege from Toolroom

Trish Complete

MI: Love for House music, how did that happen?

TC: Hmm, Long story short - If I didn't get out of the house and attended the parties and supported my fav djs - this day this profession wouldn't exist.It all started on the dance floor, Dj Ivan from Bangalore was the first guy to preach house music in my city. It was almost going to temple or church every weekend and lose myself on the dance floor dancing to house music and 90s hip hop, made so many like minded friends. And here I am making house music today.

MI: How did Bangalore nightlife influence your choice in music?

TC: As I said If i didn't bunk college and go to clubs to listen house music, I wouldn't be here today. Safe to say it was almost like House music has healed in many ways because I had a challenging childhood and teenage days. I desperately waited for the weekend to go to clubs and lose myself for a few hours. Words are useless when it comes to expressing the feelings of house music. Bangalore night life in the 90's is where it all started for me. Hell Yeah! I am so proud to be talking about it and I was a regular clubber where at clubs like Sparks, Club X , Spinnz. You would find rubbing shoulders with people from the industry at that time is how I got connected with music when I was only 16.

MI: Born and bred in Bangalore, What took you all the way to the UK?

TC: Personal reasons and personal relationships. I migrated to the UK when I was 21. My personal life took a big turn on me while I was still a young girl. Seeing a new life in a new damn city was challenging and also has taught me how to be brave and do your own thing and chase my passion in life. So I wouldn't say anything was bad or good its was a lesson and an experience for me. 

Trish Complete

MI: As a musician, a DJ, how were your struggles there?

TC: In the beginning it was a big shock to all my friends and family. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disorder when I was getting into DJing. I did get some nasty comments online about the way I looked. Because people couldn't see what I had gone through, I was being judged based on external appearances and effects of medication. I learnt DJing in the UK, and received massive support from everyone. But even now there are some creeps in the industry who will tell a female DJ to expose herself in order to get gigs or money. But it's all changing, I see more female power now than in 2012 or 2013 when I was starting out. Girls are stepping up to make a point. 

I have always been telling myself there will always be some negative people around. We need to concentrate on people who love and support me. I helped promoters in event management, ticket sales etc. So being easy going and grabbing all the chances has given me many gigs and experiences all over London. Today I am proud to have experienced the Yin & Yang of music business. Over the years I have matured as a person, DJ, artist and producer.

MI: Is the path ahead more struggling or does it get better from here? 

TC: I wouldn't say it's easy - nothing comes easy in life. Because in this industry no one is going to help you unless you have real passion towards achieving your goals and chasing your passion. Once you find your tribe you will find your way out. If your music talks then you will get all your answers automatically. 

MI: Not necessarily monetary, how have the rewards been so far in this career? 

TC: I am actually surprised how many people look out for me, and have come to me and said I really love your vibe and how you grind. They even tell me how it has inspired them to chase their passions. I think that's the most amazing thing one would want to hear. I think we all inspire each other in some way. Music is such a thing it brings people together and gives me positive Vibes and positive thoughts. 

Trish Complete

MI: Why did you choose this career? Do you think there are other reasons to choose too? 

TC: My family initially wanted me to become a nurse, I wouldn't want to disappoint them so I did try going into nursing in Oxford College, Bangalore. But soon realised it wasn't for me. But I must say I am a mental health support worker, that's my first job to pay the bills. DJ'ing is where my passion lies though.


MI: And how is the support from industry peer's? 

TC: I have mostly played in the UK so I have immense support from people and my followers. I played in India for the first time in 2014 with John. It was a small event. People are still new to me and scenes were evolving at that time. For me opening for Rohit Barker was an amazing experience. Rohit and Ivan have been my supporters ever since. They even invited me to play on Radio Indigo, so hats off to all these legends. 


MI: How easy/difficult it is to release music in your genre?  

TC: Releasing music these days isn't difficult at all, But releasing with your top 5 labels could be a challenge. But it's a long curve in this industry. It's different for different people. I have always followed my heart and soul when it comes to music. This year my remix with Roland Clark releasing is dream come true. Ever since I have started DJing I have been buying Roland Clark music and have played a millions times in clubs and gigs. So I choose music according to what I like and what makes my soul happy and make people dance. So to be remixing one of Roland Clark's tracks is an absolute dream come true for me. 


MI: Who according to you are top 5 labels in your genre? 

TC: Toolroom records by Mark Knight, In house records by Todd Terry , Dirty Bird by Claude VonStrok, Strictly Rhythm, and lastly Saura music by Coyu. 

MI: What can you tell us about your new release that is gaining such momentum as we speak? The inspiration to write and name as such. 

TC: I was updating my playlist and buying tracks when I came across this amazing mind blowing voice which literally kicked in my stomach. His voice made me listen music more deeply and made made me fall in love. Everyone was going mental in Ministry of Sound after listening to what Tocadisco did to Roland's productions, and I've been a hardcore fan of Roland Clarke that day forth. To be even speaking to him and making remixes is an absolute firecracker dream. His voice gives me butterflies in my stomach. Haha Love him so much. And he has released some amazing soul touching music on his label called Delete Records. It's the real House music. And I have a chance to speak to Todd Terry on a couple of occasions in Egg London and Ibiza. So to have Todd Terry support my track is a mind blowing moment for me this year. It may be a lock-down for the whole world but it's a headbanging moment for me with my first release this year. So happy that I never looked back and never gave up. 

MI: What influenced your choice to collaborate with Roland Clarke?

TC: 100 percent his soul touching vocals and his down to earth personality as an artist. It will be my dream to work with the house legends like Todd Terry and Roland Clark.


MI: What is your methodology behind a set you play when you open for artists at clubs? What is the creative process behind your sets?

TC: I would normally study the main artist who is playing that night and have a rough idea in my mind what they would be playing. So I carefully choose my tunes which can get people in the party mood before the main DJ comes. Take them on a journey from deep house to tech house. If the main DJ is playing banging tech house and techno then it's definitely my job to get people ready with some head banging tunes later. I would change my playlist into more commercial or underground tunes. 


MI: What is one attribute of this industry that is a boon?

TC: Great Question! Many people think being a DJ or producer is the only way to make it in the industry but not many know you can be doing a million things in this industry. People needs to be told there are many other profession involved in the music industry. To name some - Sound Engineers are overlooked many times, Artist Manager, Event Manager, Music bloggers etc. So Music industry itself is a big boon to everyone who is passionate about industry people and music itself. Once you get on this road there are millions of other roads open up to you. 


MI: What’s coming up for You down the road?

TC: I am working hard in the studio , I couldn't say much at this moment but I can see myself smashing goals in 2020 with some promising bangers and edits and remixes. Keep a close eye on socials to find out more about my music career.


Well Trish, thank you so much once again for talking to us. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. See you at a club soon.

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