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Many still might be unfamiliar with the name, but Attila Bujdoso aka 88Dubs’ music is constantly played by a number of international artists, including Fideles, Undercatt, Øostil, Luke Brancaccio or Quivver. The 31-year-old Hungarian-born artist has been involved with electronic music for more than 10 years, but it wasn't until 2017 that he began to delve deeper into the mysteries of music production. His productions have been published by many widely supported record labels. He was the first Hungarian to appear on the German Steyoyoke label, we have heard his music at the famous Traum Schallplatten, and more of his music appeared on Beatfreak Recordings. He always focus on self-renewal and put all his energy into making music.

Anatomy of the Genre

I couldn’t tell you exactly. Some techno with some house and indie and deep and every genre of underground music. Unfortunately difficult to determine styles.



Latest Offering

My next release will be a remix for Project 13 label in Malaga, Spain. I really like to do remixes, it’s always interesting to end up seeing how much different music can be made from a different perspective, slightly modified. I think a lot about what it should be like, this version is also a third version, the first two didn’t like me that much.
B My Lake is the biggest underground festival in Hungary. When I was there last year I met a guy we talked quite a bit and as it turned out they have a label that is already known internationally. He asked me to do an EP and I was very happy. The whole festival inspired me a lot.

Push or Shove

I’ve always been a music fan, but I’m not the type who likes to celebrate himself, so sometimes I feel a little weird when I'm DJing. Although I love it anyway. And I fell in love with music production after my first 3-channels music I made.

Puddles and Hurdles

it’s hard to say anything until we know how long it will take. The profession is very saturated, there are a lot of skillful musicians, so you have to create outstandingly if you want to dream big.

88 dubs

Peer Pressure or Support?

You have to keep working hard! I have never ever thought that one day my tracks would be played Undercatt, Fideles, Øostil, Quivver, Luke Brancaccio, Glenn Morrison and many other big artist from around a world. So I can say the support is very good 🙂

Top 5 Labels

My top5 are: Innervisions, Afterlife, Diynamic, Kompakt. Life And Death


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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