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Eleven of July – The Law and Art of it

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MI: Hi, thanks for taking some time out of your day and sitting with us. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. What would you be doing today if not for this interview?

EJ: Thank You guys for inviting me, it’s my pleasure. It’s a very beautiful day today here in Bangkok, I think I will go to the pool after that. Taking a break during this weekend.


MI: Where did you first learn music? A music school? How has it panned out in shaping your career? 

EJ: I used to play a lot with music as a child, I had many instruments like a drum, electric flute, trumpet and a karaoke (it was popular). My cousin started to be a DJ when we were very young, so he first introduced me to electronic music and DJ'ing at an early age. About electronic music, I learned at first by myself with books, tutorials, and then attempted some schools like DBS Berlin. I believe that more than everything getting in touch with electronic music at an early age is what really made a difference in terms of style.


MI: What currently keeps you busy these days?
EJ: I’m lately taking care of the organization of my first event (as an organizer) here in Bangkok.


MI: How would you describe your style of music production and DJing to someone unaware of this genre?

EJ: Melodic elements supported by a dark, groovy low end, something that can be powerful on the dance floor but at the same time even relaxing for a home listening with headphones.

eleven of july

MI: How would you describe your current path in this career you have chosen?

EJ: It became my life. It’s totally part of it, I can’t separate my life and the music anymore. 

MI: Who are the artists who inspire you?

EJ: None in particular, I believe my true inspiration comes from the progressive of the 90's. That was real music, made by real musicians. I still love it. 


MI: Tell us, what does a typical day in the studio means for you?  What inspires your productions?

EJ: During the creative process most of the time I don’t know what I’ll come up with, it is usually something that has to surprise myself first. I’m sitting and playing around. I believe inspiration is inside me, and in the meeting of external circumstances that are always different. 


MI: How about you naming top 5 industry giants who have inspired you to produce and DJ and top 5 you would like to play alongside?

EJ: I love Nina Kraviz, she’s probably my favorite dj, so if I should choose one, I would choose her. Alex Silvi and Prophecy, for the production. 


MI: If you weren't DJ'ing, where would be today?

EJ: I’m graduated in Law with a Civil Law specialization so I would maybe be a notary. Or a creative write, my second big passion. 

eleven of July

MI: Which is your dream label?

EJ: Probably Afterlife, for everything around it. And Steyoyoke, for my own preferences. 


MI: What is your methodology behind a set you play when you open for artists at clubs? What is the creative process behind your sets?

EJ: I like improvisation so I just build a playlist with tracks I think I will play, but then I’ll be most of the time guided by the party, the crowd, and my inspiration of the moment. 


MI: As an upcoming artist with tough competition, what struggles and challenges do you face?

EJ: I believe the worst struggle for any artist at this moment is to take care of all the other things besides music. That you should take care to stand out in this period, like social media is a challenge for me, it is to be better in production. 


MI: Do you have a studio? What’s the current set up like? What equipment you have and what is that you can’t live without?

EJ: I used to have a studio before moving to Bangkok three months ago. I didn't feel like bring everything here, also because I guess i will change location pretty often in the upcoming months so my set up at the moment it’s really basic: laptop, maschine mk3 mikro, komplete keyboard, novation launch control, and obviously sound card and different sets of headphones. Everything small but i can do everything i need to with this setup. Talking about small, I’ll soon get some very small yet powerful monitors, Iloud mtm. Once I get them I’ll feel home again,  


MI: Tell us about your productions thus far, your releases. 

EJ: It's been crazy so far, since my first release in 2017. I couldn't stop so after my first 3 releases in 2017, i had 7 in 2018 and 18 in 2019. For 2020 i signed for 15 so far (if I’m not wrong). 

MI: What’s coming up for You down the road?

EJ: There are some upcoming releases I’m really looking forward to and I’m very proud and excited about. Then my party here in Bangkok on the 21st of February and the first episode of my show on Data Transmission Radio, 4th of March. 


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club. Thank you very much for having me guys I wish you all the best. See you on the dance floor!

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