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MI: Hi, thanks for taking some time out of your day and sitting with us. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. What would you be doing today if not for this interview?

TM: Firstly thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to talk about my career. Definitely I would be making music & experimenting a lot of stuff. That's what I love to do everyday in my life.


MI: Did you go to a music school? If yes, how has it panned out for you in shaping your career in this industry? 

TM: Well in my case I didn't learn DJ'ing & music production under any academy. Back in my school days, when I was 14, I started experimenting, started to learn about music, researched about it a lot. Definitely I can say Google & YouTube are my teachers. When I had doubts I took few artists suggestions and that's how everything started.


MI: What currently keeps you busy these days?

TM: Nowadays I'm busy with my shows. I'm performing at different venues in India. When I'm off tour I make music & try to learn new things. Learning is not a shame & music is a never-ending process, the more you dig the deeper it gets and the more you learn.


MI: How would you describe your style of music production and DJ'ing to someone unaware of this genre?

TM: My music production style is something different I can say. The tracks which I play & make myself is like blending two different sounds with the perfect opposite chords & notes. There's no particular genre I stick to because as a musician we definitely need to experiment a lot. If something sounds good or groovy I bounce that project & again sit on that once again for the final rendering. One of the highlights about my productions are I mix a lot of Indian elements with western instruments. This glue together helps me to come up with new music.


MI: How would you describe your current path in this career you have chosen?

TM: As of now everything is going so great for me. I'm happy that my music is touching different souls, emotion, happiness etc. When I started all the way from bottom there were hardly 100 listeners, and now it's widely spread in different places, people know me & my music. I'm super happy for the progress & all the love and support I'm receiving.


MI: Who are the artists who inspire you?

TM: Artists like Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Raja Ram, KSHMR, Tiesto & few others. They were in this scene from very long & even now they're killing it worldwide with their unique sounds & sets.

MI: Tell us, what does a typical day in the studio means for you?  What inspires your productions? TM: This is really a very good question! Not everyday will be a good day at office as same as that sometimes I spend more than 12 hours on a project then in the end I won't be satisfied with the final results. Then I browse some details on that & take a short break,  step in to nature, or sometimes I listen to more of chilled live instruments that gives me ideas & inspires me.


MI: How about you naming top 5 industry giants who have inspired you to produce and Dj and top 5 you would like to play alongside?

TM: My personal top 5 artists in DJ'ing & music productions would be Solomun, Lane8, CarlCox, Alesso and Swedish House Mafia. And Top 5 I would like to perform alongside would be Steve Angelo, Axwell, Tiesto, Artbat and Blastoyz.

MI: If you weren't Dj'ing, where would be today?

TM: I wanted to be a journalist. This is what I had decided in my school days but then since from childhood I had a lot of interest in music. Whether it be live instrument or a song playing in a radio or anywhere. I was so obsessed to music, that later on I started to follow some of the artists, then I slowly got into this career.


MI: Which is your dream label?

TM: My dream label would be Axtone or Size Records. They inspire a lot of artists to explore a lot of new sounds.


MI: What is your methodology behind a set you play when you open for artists at clubs? What is the creative process behind your sets?

TM: I always keep things mellow & groovy when I open for an artist's because that's the perfect slot i can drop a lot of tracks which the crowd haven't heard before. As an artist definitely I should go ahead with unique sets, that's the right time to introduce the different dimensions of musics. Most of the time i like to drop underground music.


MI: As an upcoming artist with tough competition, what struggles and challenges do you face?

TM: I went through a lot of things in my life. Artist life is not so easy. It's definitely challenging, I went through situations where my professional career was going so great unfortunately my personal life was going bad. I tried to balance it equally sometimes I had to sacrifice my timings, sometimes I had to take short break from everything. I know this ain't something new in this journey, without hardwork definitely success is just piece of shit. I kept moving ahead with positive vibes. I'm doing it no matter what comes next, I'm ready to face any situation but I would say I'll never give up until I reach my dream/goals in life.


MI: Do you have a studio? What’s the current set up like? What equipment you have and what is that you can’t live without?

TM: My studio is not yet built so well. As of now I have a basic setup, I make music on my laptop. Yes in future I would be definitely upgrading few things.


MI: Tell us about your productions thus far, your releases.

TM: I released some mashups earlier, then later on jumped into my own originals which was released under different domestic & international record labels. Few of my records has been played live in radioshows/live DJ sets across the globe by Club Banditz, Simon Lee and Alvin, Albert Neve & lots of other artists.

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MI: What’s coming up for You down the road?

TM: I have few major releases coming up this year, few collaborations with some of the best Indian & international artists too. I'll also be headlining some of the major show's across the country I'm super super pumped for all this "Expect the unexpected".

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you at a concert soon .


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