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Drawing influences from some of the world’s finest musical legends, Tasnneem has always managed to blend in sounds, melodies and tunes that speak the loudest to her in all of her sets.  Having grown up listening to a wide range of music, from the inimitable legends such as Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles and Chuck Berry to classical Indian maestros like  Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit and the more contemporary acts like Niladri  Kumar and Karsh Kale, she’s always looking for new, and innovative ways to take  elements that are signature to all her inspirations and incorporates them into her sound.  Her sets are an echo of her personality — groovy, exotic and edgy yet soulful and melodious. Playing an eclectic mix of Jazz, Funk, Nu-Disco, Deep House and Techno, she has always managed to translate her love for music as a means of escape into a sound that would have the same effect on her audience, yet get them to dance their feet off on the dance floor. Having played alongside some of the renowned artists like Lost Desert, Modd, Soul Button, Donatello and Marc Romboy, her DJing has ensured that she has carved a place for herself in India’s electronic music scene.

Where did you first learn music? A music school? How has it panned out in shaping your career?

I learnt music production from Beatworx in Bangalore.  Beatworx is a place that i always like to go back to when i find myself stuck creatively.


What would you be doing today if not for this interview?

It’s 12:00 pm and post this I spend time making music , learning   something new and watching tutorials till late evening.

What currently keeps you busy these days?

Writing music and learning new concepts whether it be keys , theory or sound designing. I get this feeling that a whole new world has opened up to me since my last release and I'm excited to grow, experiment and see what lies ahead. So much music and so little time.

As a female DJ, what are your challenges?

Late working hours leading to questions about safety.  Also getting booked for your skill and not cause you are “female”. Removing female from “female Dj” (MI: I'm gonna just leave this part here for people to read loud in their minds).

Do you think just because you are a female DJ, there is more expectation from you?

I guess the challenges differ based on the gender but the pressure of performance and the expectations are based as an artist.

How would you describe your style of music production and DJing to someone unaware of this genre? 

It’s jazz influenced house music. It’s dance music but not commercial.I like to tastefully put together a journey in my set which requires patience and attention.


How would you describe your current path in this career you have chosen?

Dance music has been my muse for about 5 years now, I plan on composing dance music for at least a few years more. And, eventually perhaps given in to the urge of learning film music.


Who are the artists who inspire you?

So many musicians( I listen to a lot of different genres )and all sorts of artists , writers, graphic artists, photographers, painters etc and it keeps evolving specifically in electronic music. I'm so inspired by kiasmos, christian loffler, nils frahm, doyeq, hosini.


Tell us, what does a typical day in the studio mean for you? 

I work on a track for about two or three days in a row and then decide if i like it or not, i watch tutorials related to ableton or chords composition, scales and music theory and self teach myself the keys. I had decided to write about 100 tracks last year(i know this sounds bizarre) and then track my progress and see what I feel like putting out, I just learn so much from each project. The only way to learn how to make a track is to make it. I’m down to 68

I don't come from a musical background and i had to learn everything while playing gigs. I am excited to tell my story. I have the brush , I'm polishing the skills, sure i can draw but the flow is I guess what any artist is after. And it's a constant roller coaster this whole process of creating and innovating. Some days are better than others and you have to learn to deal with some failure’s.


What is your methodology behind a set you play when you open for artists at clubs? What is the creative process behind your sets?

I love all time slots and my sets are according.  I decide my sounds based on time, venue and event. I enjoy an intimate vibe, good sound and happy people . I prepare for my gigs by looking for music which is edgy, fresh new and still me

As an upcoming artist with tough competition, what struggles and challenges do you face?

With limited venues for the type of sound I play and competition being stiff you have to always be ready to step up to the occasion. The genre is still finding its footing in the masses, as an artist I intend to do my bit in helping grow the underground music scene. I really wish to see more fresh talents arrive and grow the scene more.

Do you have a studio? What’s the current set up like? 

I have a bedroom studio. A pair of tannoy’s, an audient id sound card. A midi keyboard , technics and bear dynamic headphones. Although I have been dying to pick up some synths lately, I'm trying to be wise and choose the equipment that is necessary, not the ones that are going to pick up dust, i don't want to fall in the gear lust trap.

Tell us about your productions thus far, your releases.

I have had two singles out on wind horse records and I'm looking forward to releasing some more music by the end of this year. Have some interesting music cooking up.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight in to your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at a club.

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