Being Observant

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Observant is a Bangalore based Techno Record Label founded by Bangalore based industry veterans. We speak to the conspirators behind this Entity and Label that fresh and budding with a zeal that drives a motive. We cut to the chase on this and we keep it simple. Straight forward questions guided to bring you truest answers and in their simplest forms, Nothing Unfounded.

What made you create this label? 

The initial idea was always looming to start a label, but you need a good reason why other than to “just put out music”. So initially it was thought of as an extension to Afterworx, our nightlife division to have some of the artists that we tour to release music as a way to bridge the audience and producers. However over the course of the last year, it has become important that the label has it’s own standing and does not necessarily have to be an extension to our other endeavours.

What does the name of the label signify?

The name Observant is plain and simple as it means, but not just with our physical realms, it’s the process of introspection, self awareness, attention to detail and such components of our existence that we often take for granted. The meaning also extends to being observant of this culture of electronic music and abstract imagery.


What is the inspiration behind the log and artwork?

The logo uses a lot of negative space, which is very fascinating visually. To see something that does not exist yet the mind still perceives it. The artwork on the other hand may evolve and develop as time passes, but the theme of it is abstract imagery. We want to work with a lot of visual artists from time to time and allow them to express themselves without our aesthetic. We aren’t tied on having the artwork reflect the music in any way, but instead consider the label an equal part for the visual artists to express as the producers do.


What genre of music the label hosts and what do you look for specifically in a track?

So in the start we were ambitiously thinking about having a wider spectrum sonically, in fact our first release has a bit of diversity being a compilation with 4 artists. However we’re confining to the realms of techno for the next foreseeable future. 

It’s hard to say what we specifically look for in a track, when it feels right it just feels right and other times it feels right at first and then it doesn’t. 


How long have you been percolating before finally launching the label in the market? 

Maybe a couple of months before we got it afloat in terms of researching some of the backend stuff like distribution, mastering, promotion and most importantly the release schedule.

What are the challenges in sifting through the boatload of demos you receive for releases and the communication you maintain with aspirants? 

Oh we don’t get a boatload of demos to be honest. We still answer all the emails regardless of whether it fits our label or not because it’s always nice for us to know a network of producers and artists which come of use with our Beatworx and Afterworx endeavours.

Which one has been a highlight release and why?

Since we’ve only had 2 releases so far and the next one is due in September, all of them are highlights in their own way. Perhaps if you ask us this next year, I may have a better answer. (Ed: just like we said, they're fresh and budding)

What do you expect from new talent when you sign them? 

We are not so invested in new or established talent, as long as it’s a great person or people behind the craft. 

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