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Barbie Rajput

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Barbie Rajput is a 22 year old singer, songwriter, Actor, Performer hailing from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India. While singing is what brought her this far, there is more to her than meets the eye. She is a true performer. She releases her EP with self-composed songs featuring in bollywood mega flicks like Fanney Khan. 

Barbie Rajput

Calling Card 

Very overwhelming. I started young so this is  what I have experienced to be a part of all my life. It has helped me grow as a human being and I really value that.


My living. Most of what I happen to write comes from personal experiences or relationships, to be precise. I feel there are a lot of people within and each one of them has a story to share, I just happen to be the medium.

Barbie Rajput

Music in DNA

I see it as a Gift but I am Indian Classically Trained. My family has been my soulmate, they knew it way before I could even come to terms with what I can manage to do, this should be pursued professionally.

Puddles and Hurdles of First EP

It was more of an emotional release for me . I was not using my business mind or I was not at a place where I wanted to give it a proper rational release kind of an approach. I just had to vent it out. It was fun, I learnt a lot, collaborated with the very talented Aadi Arora. The firsts are always special.

Barbie Rajput

Target Acquisition

It is pretty much everywhere. I am still trying to reach out to a wider audience. I don’t know what my target audience is, yet, during the lock-down, I tried writing songs in a lot of different languages, so it varies I guess. I just want to give as much as I can , in my little capacity, so that there is room for every kind of emotion which is coming from a different culture, experience, etc to find their song.

The Curve, Flattened?

It is a process. No struggle at all. You want something, you put in the work, that’s how I look at things in Life. Everything is a state of mind. One must make sure to feed it right.

Anatomy of “Le Chal Mujhe”

I had to let go of Someone I was in love with, but it’s like a happy plea for them to help you heal. It is quite a feeling. Ha! That’s where it came from. I wanted to make it sound very retro, O.P Nayyar Sir vibe, we can try you know, those people are legends, someone like me can only try. Grateful to have had a very dear family friend Satish Chakravarthy to produce this one. He is highly educational when it comes to music and this just came so organically. 

Barbie Rajput

Life of Art

The songs have always been very mellow and lyrically heartbreaking, so there is something I want people to look at to take a moment and, perhaps, smile. I want a lil' bit of sunshine to always be there no matter how sad it sounds, seem or feels. And obviously the credit goes to my friend Arundhati and brother Sachin, who have constantly helped me achieve my visions and shared their vast creativity with the world. They are Rare.

Second Guesses 

Yes! Quite a few times, but I come around, because I listen to my soul and I realise what is it that I am here for. I think about that and continue. You can second guess almost everything, if you allow your mind to tread down that road, but it is your soul that one needs to come back to and listen. One has to develop that relationship. It is a different kind of a practice. 

Global Competition

We are doing our own thing I guess. We must never lose that essence of being an Indian, it may come in any form or layer, in one’s music, voice, lyrical approach, language usage, recital, presentation, etc. We are a country offering a lot of experiences to the world. We already have, but with the newer refreshing minds and approach to look at what our people have left us with, we have a lot of material to create or recreate from, with, or, anything. So, that’s something which would always help us stand apart from the rest of the world.

barbie rajput

On the Anvil 

LIFE. I want to start gigging. I want to meet more people while I perform, I like performing for people. It is a different form of intimacy, I really appreciate their presence and the energy that is being created as a whole in a live show.

No matter how difficult it looks, You Got this. I am here for you, as long as Life allows. You’d always come around, even if it is too much to consume, it does get better. Physically, Life is short, make the most of your gifts and potential. It will be worth it, Promise. 

Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavours. See you soon at one of your performances.

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