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Mradul Singhal – Legacy Lives on

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What’s Beyond life is anyone’s good speculation and is uncontrollable. What is controllable and matters however, is Life itself. Mradul’s fans, friends and family may be deprived of his physical presence, but what they may never have is an empty void that can’t be filled, as is in most cases. Mradul has left his voice, emotions and music immortalised. A body is merely a vessel, soul continues on another journey. An untimely and unwarranted departure no doubt, but the legacy he left behind will not be erased. That is the power of music, the same power Mradul wielded in metal bands like Dead Exaltation, Killkount, Schwa and Adamantium India.

Mradul Singhal

The album ‘Beyond: Life’ is Mradul Singhal’s guitar-driven, instrumental record , unfortunately, one of his final contributions to the cause he cherished the most: creating original, honest music. The album, recorded and produced in his bedroom, comprises six tracks featuring Mradul’s emotional and honest out-pour of collection of songwriting ideas since the age of 15. The album is a gentle reminder of Mradul’s determination and talent in finding a space for himself in different genres. This album features Brazilian bassist Samuel Chacon who collaborated on this album after Mradul reached out to him a year ago on Instagram. Upon realisation of the unfortunate death of Mradul, Chacon pursued the album’s production duties further through his mixing and mastering responsibilities. This is not just an album his bandmates are pushing for release as his last work of art, No. It is their honest to God attempt at immortalising and preserving the virtues of Mradul's life. 

Mradul Singhal

As fondly remembered by Samuel (Bassist- Mradul's album Beyond Life) - "I always loved the approach he used to the songs, in a very open and shared way. I called him on skype and we listened to the tracks, as he explained some stuff and I played some ideas back. He gave me the freedom to express myself in composition: creating, soloing, by doing anything that seemed appropriate to the songs and the album! It was a blast!!! The best album I've worked on in my entire life!'

In 2014, Uday Iyer (bandmate, vocalist- Schwa) met Mradul Singhal for the first time at a local battle of bands contest. "He was all of 19 or 20 then, full of vigour and zeal to learn, experiment and exchange musical, theatrical and amateur film making ideas. And I had been looking out for like minded musicians to form an outfit as well. And from nowhere, this young man comes into my life like godsend! 

Our bond began, initially just jamming up riffs, brainstorming lyrical ideas, and arranging rough thoughts into credible stencils of sorts. His flow of thoughts, especially segregation of them, used to always present song ideas in a story form, simply amazed me. And boy, what a brilliant storyteller he was!

The album ‘Beyond: Life’ was released across streaming platforms on 13th May. Mradul’s legacy does not only restrict to the album and his musical projects. He leaves behind admirers and friends who intend to communicate and inform the rest of the world about Mradul’s parting gift to us. Mradul’s partner Swagata, ex bandmate Satyajit Gargori and friends joined to lead this cause.

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