Dee En

Dee En

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Its SYNTH-esised. Vocalised. It's everything you'd Hope To Be. DEE EN's new track is engaging.

Inspired by themes of cyberpunk and sci-fi - the video is a 3D animation designed and conceptualised by collaborator Aditya. Based around a loose narrative of escaping cults and idealism, the spacey and futuristic landscape encapsulates a befitting balance of abstract as well as dramatic cuts, making the synth-driven song a pure reflection of DEE EN's neon-laden ethos.
Hope to be is the second video release from their EP - Poppin
Dee En
As part of this release, we are also launching a patreon page where we would be uploading a lot of exclusive content such as pre-releases, merch, unreleased artwork and photos, pre-cuts & mixes, rough demos & jams and other miscellaneous goodies.

The Track and Video both release today and are available for mass consumption. Head to your nearest tapable streaming platform and soak in some vibes. 

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