Man Goes Human

Man Goes Human. ‘Bout Time

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Man.Goes Human, is a lo-Fi indie rock outfit from Delhi, India, and the first Indian band to give their music & get featured in a Hollywood film. They embed a healthy dose of noir into their music, with focus on intense lyrics & emotive vocals. Their sound is an amalgamation of various genres; rock, blues, psychedelic & ambient.

What would you be doing today if not for this interview? 

Signing autographs..! Just kidding. Would be focused on reaching more international audiences, 'coz that’s what we aim for the immediate future.

Meet the Band

Kaprila - vocals, Sharan- Guitars, Shitij - bass, Akshat- Drums, Teejay- Manager

Man goes human

Who Knew!

Sharan & Shitij are brothers & started the band with Teejay (childhood friend) with a distant dream to play some venues in Delhi(maybe). None of us have learnt music professionally. Who knew we would one day give our music in Hollywood!

man goes human

NetFlix Goes Human

Word on the market is that your band composed and produced the soundtrack for the movie “Extraction” which premiered on Netflix. Has this sunk in yet?

Word on the market is usually false. But there are exceptions! Yeah now it has, we couldn’t believe it until this got released! We are happy it took us only 8 years to get this done. 

Tell us about the track.

Sharan got up one day and couldn’t see a damn thing, he composed the rhythm for this. We called it No See.

Extraction of Opportunity

We do DIY tours every year, thanks to the great support from promoters. Someone (we know who now) who was working in the crew for the Netflix film (Extraction) saw us in Thailand/ heard us on our Radio show while we were promoting there. So basically, we got lucky (but not really).

Course, Altered.

Loads of followers from across Americas, Europe, India (which is quite unbelievable), messages, streams have gone way up. We used to get them before (but this has mushroomed). The band remains committed to exploring more though (one of our South East Asia tour got cancelled though #Covid19).


Hear those Glasses!

‘Where did I leave my Moonglasses’: What do you do when your love, the ‘moon and stars’ of your life becomes too much to handle? You wear Moonglasses.

Man goes human

No Pain, No gain.

I don’t know who said, No Pain, No gain. But he/she was spot on. Its been strenuous to say the least. Hopefully the pain continues so we can gain more!

Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas?

Indie music in ‘The Indian Dictionary of Music Genres’ translates literally into the statement ‘Why do this when you can make mainstream Hindi songs‘. So you get the picture. 

Pho by the Mekong

To go to a new country, and get an offer to play another music festival there, while you’re in the middle of your tour: any country like that would be special! Also, genuine people & the food!

man goes human

Age Matures the music

We have reduced our frequencies with old age. We’ve done close to 200 shows in 8 years, now its becoming difficult yes, with less venues open to live music (translated bands), hence we spend our energies on select venues & tours. 

Sorry! I am booked

Everyone’s trying their best it seems. If the public doesn’t want to evolve its hardly the agencies’ faults. 4/4 exp is doing a great job (Mumbai)- they called us for Ragasthan festival- one of the best curations there. Skillbox does real good stuff in Delhi. And the venues have their own programmers mostly who we have good relations with.

India's Stance

The talent’s there, but the support is missing. There’s no awareness in terms of music business. We have learnt so much in terms of legalities in the past 2 years, just because of this Netflix project. Right now, when we talk to people from Europe and Down Under, they are surprised to hear the music and relate it with India. Bands need to start exploring rather than tread the same.

Diary is Full

We can’t go on the road yet COVID19! But once international travel becomes safe, we will be heading out soon. A festival in Vietnam awaits. A north east tour got postponed.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.

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