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Awara Hip-hop’s Duniya

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Lucknow based artist Awara Hip-Hop, a.k.a Jeet Pandey is a thriving talent striving to pin India on the hiphop map for good. valiant efforts made and hours of dedication invested to the cause thus far. On any given day Jeet would be making beats, music or talking to friends. For Jeet Hiphop is just a simple way to express the feelings, He says "It helps to develop your inner personality that's why I love hip hop and gets attracted towards it".

There's Always a First Time

My first jam I had was held in Lucknow's  Gomti Nagar where we had many rappers from Lucknow come and perform. The response which I got from public or audience was surprising and unprecedented.

Anatomy of the Genre

I would just say the things I write is the things which I have felt in my life or experienced. I just create, its poetry, there's rhythm in music. The experiences which we come across in our daily lives, created its own music, and that are basic criteria to know people.

Awara hipHop

Duniya ke Idiosyncrasies

My new single is "Duniya" It's idea conception is on the things I have experienced from life, from meeting people, their vibes and personality is what I have expressed in the track. The new track narrates the story of the world we live in, the reality behind curtains, the disappointment one realizes after knowing the mechanisation of the self obsessed society we are a part of. Duniya is also a coming of age story, describing the deteriorating perception towards the world, produced by Faichan, a Delhi based producer, Duniya is a fusion between Classical Indian & Modern Hip-Hop music.

Target Acquisition

I have got a target audience and which ever song I release they listen to it and give response and as such I have not experienced any struggle regarding streaming sites

Hurdles and Puddles

Yes I have experienced my fair share of struggles, as I have to borrow the things for making records and go to studio and make people understand regarding my music. But it's always not possible to make everyone understand so then I created my own setup at home by my scholarship fess which I got. According to me struggle means nothing in life if you commit your heart.

An Ode to the Roots

The place from where I come is Khadra, Lucknow, there are no local rappers here, so I feel good in that way and I take this opportunity to talk poetry, politics, government, the things which I see here and experience.

The Pandemonium Effect

Yes it affected me significantly since it stalled my plans pertaining to music release. This meant that i could not move out and shoot the video and meet the people and popularise and market my music in a way i deem fit.

Indian Footprint

I think India can make it's own flavor in any music as here people have their own stories, peace and stability. People can write about it as they have many things regarding this to right.


Well, thank you once again for spending time with us, giving us valuable insight into your career. We wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors. See you soon at a Concert.



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