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Peepal Tree is a Bangalore based band who have very kindly succumbed to a virtual encore from their religious followers and made a video for their track Nayi Khushi dated 2018. You got to respect both sides here and weigh how strong is the relationship between the band and their ardent listeners. And when you watch the video there is a hit of nostalgia for the fans as the band very efficiently had sewn clips of their live performances too. 

Simplicity and roots is what Peepal Tree asserts as the key to new found happiness. The song revolves around the inexplicable happiness one attains by practicing the noblest and simplest of activities. The track was released as a part of the band’s debut album Chetana and has been one of their top hits with the audience. That is testimony to a great length that shows how much the audience values this track, 2 years down the line. The band members felt that they owed this to their audience who keep writing in regularly and sharing details of their personal experiences and attachment with the track.

peepal tree

The track is by far one of their most popular Hindi songs and the band has been inundated with requests from fans for a dedicated music video for it. While the band had put out a lockdown jam video during the first phase of lockdown in India, the demand for a proper video still kept coming. Now let the mass consumption of the video begin and let the marginal utility not decline.

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