Time Heals All – Peher is Khatth’s new Message to the World. Released.

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‘Peher’ is Khatth’s arms wrapped around us telling us to be patient and that time will bring hope, erase nonconformity and usher in a fresh breath of life. All three tracks are a refinement of a medicinal message.

With ‘Peher‘the band is re-establishing if not reiterating that time heals everything and it is in time one finds resolute. There are three tracks Naakaamyaab, Faasla and Kahin. Each talks about the three stages and the Band has absolutely nailed on how the message has been conveyed with constructive lyrics and soulful composition.

Naakaamyab exhumes emotions that govern failure and sorrow that follows, and Faasla teaches ways of acceptance of what had unfolded. It tells us that everything might not go according to one’s plan. The last track in this EP, Kahin, illustrates how hope is a cure for grief. Till the time we remain hopeful, we shall find the key to happiness by some way or the other. This track is just like a musical pat on the back.

Peher is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded above.

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