Archit & Smit

Thoda Sambhal by Archit & Smit and Yashita Sharma

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Archit and Smit launch a captivating single with an even more captivating voice that insinuates a sing along.

Sometimes one truly achieves the exceptional with the bare minimum. “Thoda Sambhal” is how crisp piano tones and enchanting Cello lines are magically weaving the melodies and vocals in a intertwining spectrum of love and struggle. The words feel so relatable in today’s world, where being loved by someone is scarce, and being loved unconditionally is a dream for many.

Thoda Sambhal isn’t just another song, it’s an endearing piece of musical genius, that has a lot of soul, and is made with lots of love and honest writing that stays clear of falling into the traps of the generic pop songwriting. On that massive we leave you with the lyrics to the song so you can sing along

Khwaabon se mein, Leke aaon, Tujhe le chalu, Uss jagah… Hun jahaan mein, Ho jahaan tum, Par hum bhi ho, Kuch iss tarah… Tujhse hi mujhe, Hai savaarne, Mere raaste… Jaane na kahin, Dun mein ye teri, Muskuraahatein… Par.. Khamakha nahi, Baatein ankahee, Sunle… Thoda Sambhal, Thoda Theher, Lamhe mile jo, Aaj shayad, Ho na kal… Thoda Sambhal, Thoda Theher, Jeele inhe tu, Aaj shaayad, Ho na kal… Kyun apne darmiyaan rahein, Khokhli duniyaan ki rasmein… Kya ye kaafi nahi hai, Saath hai, Dono iss pal mein… Milke dhoondhle, Dhoondh lenge, Raastein pyaar ke… Dil ke vaaste, Kud lenge, Phir tere pyaar mein… Thoda Sambhal, Thoda theher, Lamhe mile jo, Aaj shayad, Ho na kal… Thoda Sambhal, Thoda theher, Jeele inhe tu, Aaj shaayad, Ho na kal…

“Thoda Sambhal” is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded above.

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