Ishaan Nigam

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Ishaan Nigam along his Latest Release

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A gentle start that leads to a walk down memory lane, it’s all spring like, but song takes a turn towards melancholia. The song captures emotions as you feel, from happy to sad and vice versa.

Ishaan Nigam & Brite Roy have together presented us a song which meticulously blends Indian classical and electronic music.

Roobaroo is a song which talks about the contrast of life when we were kids and now. It is a song on self-realization and how times have changed. The song will take you to the nostalgic lanes with a contemporary lyrics and composition made with blending beautiful ragas.

“Roobaroo.” is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded below.

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