Safar’s Latest VA is Out Now. Pushes the Boundary Farther

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Safar, through Celeste shoots a gleaming beam of determination to create a place where space and time intertwine with melody and rhythm. Did they achieve though? How far has this idea penetrated in successfully capturing Art in it’s true form? Read below to find out.

In it’s most recent VA, Safar comprises of not just 16 Artists, but also features two new talented members spearheading the Visual and Artworks division. The USP of Celeste is that it breaks apart from 4 on 4 rhythms and adopts a more contemporary approach by idea of odd time signatures. Celeste is invariably a solar system comprising of 16 planets, each founded by the 16 contributing artists. While some planets have huge rings around them, others nurture an inhospitable environment to life and there are still others that seem sanguine with lush vegetation. Click here to know names Celeste

On of the many videos on Safar’s YouTube Channel

Here are Safar’s 11 artists – Ezkape Inskape I7HVN Ishan Mukherjee Ken Chiramel  MizzyTheCosmic Mr Sandhu Subrro x_p Ikigai Musiic A.R.P -X Turqua Noiz father-son-and-alcohol ManuMusicMist Aman Shouts

“Celeste” is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded above. 16 unique tracks that best showcase each artists’ creative canvas.

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