Ruhaan 79 – Running in a Maze

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Ruhaan X Daksh is a hip-hop duo. Ruhaan79 is a multilingual Rapper & Lyricist from Jaipur. Daksh is a music producer based out of Jaipur and he has released free songs with Ruhaan earlier. The Duo has garnered a lot of traction leading up to this album's release and appreciations poured in from the likes of Anurag Kashyap, Vicky Kaushal, Youth Ki Awaj, Rolling Stone India, Indulge Express and many more.

Ruhaan & Daksh, the duo from Rajasthan has released an alternative hip-hop album “Kaidi No. 79”. It is out on all streaming platforms of your choice, in Hindi and Punjabi, so get there and consume. And YouTube'ers might want to quickly jump to YouTube and check music videos for each of his tracks, few maybe inlaid here for your ease. The music is produced by Daksh, performed by Ruhaan and recorded at Jam Street Studio, Jaipur. 

Ruhaan 79

Kaidi No. 79 (Prisoner No. 79), the protagonist is a fictional character tethered to the Narnian rules of society, that even makers don't practice. He's an outlaw, branded as a social criminal who is instigated and caught in a loop that society built as an institution of reprimand. You can find the narration of fascism, human greed and civilized crime in the album. 

The protagonist in the track is an expression of a being that is bound by imaginary thresholds that are hollow in principality. He is lost in a maze trying to unearth meaning of the wicked societal doctrines and their uncouth propaganda.

The videos to each song in the album is a near perfect portrayal of social faux pas that society breeds, preaches and not so much as even practice. All the songs are based on the fictional character facing different norms of society. "Daksh and I have put in our raw emotions in this album, we made this album for ourselves and people who feel like us". In an era anointed with social unrest and disruptions, corrupt politicos cower under agenda and propaganda to dismantle established sources of peace and stability, Ruhaan and Daksh assert the presence of such morally depraved elements under who's stigma an innocent being is bound. The Album is reaching out to all who feel alike in an artistic expression of current affairs and state of the Protagonist's milieu. Each video tells a story, each song has an aim and listening or viewing is a step toward achieving such milestones within one's moral compass.

Do check out each Artist's profile and their links in bio that will lead to Kaidi No.79. Leaving links herein for ease to find. Share the videos, Songs, artists profiles and the article as much as you can to help their message reach a wider audience.


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