Jayesh Deedz

Please Pay Attention to Jayesh Deedz’s Latest Release.

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Subtlety in Jayesh’s guitars has amplified the pronounced rap vocals dishing out specks of synths, grooves and melodies. Released now, “Pay Attention”.

Pay Attention!  as a song speaks about the fundamental reality of things that usually go unseen or get overlooked behind the facade of everyday life. It’s about realising that all beings live a life as vivid and complex as your own. And knowing that everyone around you has a life outside of yours, complete with their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Hence, urging all to stand for what’s right and to live life consciously with compassion and kindness towards all. And this is the very crux of Jayesh’s new track that essentially puts the need to realise and respect under the spotlight.

“Pay Attention” is out now on all major streaming platforms, hence it is pretty much going to be a convenient swipe left or right for you listeners to begin the mass consumption. Also conveniently leaving embedded below.

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